Are Diamond Engagement Rings Worth It?

For centuries, the demand for diamonds has been high. They are widely used in engagement rings for some of their qualities. This trend has shown little sign of stopping soon. Diamonds come in different values and qualities.

Do you wish to purchase a diamond engagement ring and you are wondering if it is worth it? If so, this article is written to enlighten you on some of the qualities diamonds possess that make them a good investment.

How does the value of diamonds vary with time?

The prices of diamonds vary just like all other resources. Diamonds have steadily increased in value since the great recession ended over a decade ago. The demands for these gems are high, but they don’t experience a rapid price increase. Your precious jewel might sell a bit more if the market value is high at that instance. The reverse might be the case if they are priced at a lower value at the time.

Depending on how vendors are willing to value a pre-owned diamond, the price of a gem you purchase might not increase over time. It will, however, retain some of its value. Also, the quality of the diamond you purchase will significantly contribute to the price you are able to resell your diamond for. With excellent quality, some can be very easy to sell and will attract good returns.

How can diamond rings offer value?

We can all agree that diamonds are not just beautiful, they are rare and durable. What they offer goes well beyond their price. As a result, there are several qualities they provide that show how valuable they are when used in engagement rings, such as those offered by Kimberfire in Toronto. Kimberfire offers Diamond Jewelry and engagement rings that are sure to please for your significant other. To learn more about the unique qualities of diamonds, read below:


Purchasing diamond rings is significant. Who doesn’t like them? Part of what makes them so special is their uniqueness. We have all heard stories of how these gems originated billions of years ago. For this reason, many have seen them as a symbol of romance and true love. That is one of the reasons why it’s been frequently used in rings to propose eternal love and union.

They are rare

Even though diamonds are not so rare to find deep inside the earth, natural ones, which exhibit stunning qualities that are used in jewelry, are quite rare. Combining this rarity with their exquisite aesthetic quality has a great impact on their value. However, regardless of how rare these gems are, Kimberfire offers exceptional diamond rings, earrings, and more at ethical prices. 


Diamonds are comfortably the hardest mineral on earth. On the Mohs scale of hardness, they rate a 10. A ring made of a diamond can be passed from one generation to the next and will remain in top condition. This will happen only if the ring is taken care of. 


Diamonds give off incredible brilliance. They have gathered so much praise and attention over the years. They can be cut into different shapes and sizes. They can also be set in different rings, which vary from solitaires to halos. As mentioned earlier, diamond rings have retained their value as heirlooms. This makes their long-term value just as rich as their present worth. 

Long-term value

It’s not an uncommon fact that natural diamonds have increased about tenfold in market price since the 1960s. If this current trend is maintained, its value in the nearest future will likely appreciate, or at least maintain into the future.

Did We Convince you?

Diamonds have great qualities that are too good to ignore. They retain their values over time and this makes them perfect for rings. Getting one for your heartthrob is worth considering!