Biker Jewelry: Made for Outcasts, Loved by Everybody

Once emerging out of nowhere in the mid-1950s, biker jewelry wound up being one of the most enduring trends. Decades replace each other, fashion change, tastes vary, and only biker fashion seems to be set in stone. Well, it goes through little alterations here and there but its essence remains the same. Items our grandfathers wore are appealing and eye-catching to this day. So what is the secret behind biker trinkets that make us love them so much?

How Biker Jewelry Evolved

The very first bikers wore little jewelry. They already flaunted leather jackets, jeans, and stout boots – these are the heritage of their military past. Aviator leather jackets with askew zippers looked and felt great not only in an aircraft cockpit but also in a bike’s saddle. Leather clothing is practical, warm, durable, low-maintenance, and it perfectly matches the rebellious spirit of motorcycle riders. The same goes for other clothing articles and protective gears – gargles, gauntlets, helmets, etc.

Jewelry, on the other hand, is neither practical nor protective. That’s why it wasn’t an innate part of the biker wardrobe. Nevertheless, riders couldn’t resist formidable trinkets when they hit upon them. Mexican rings (the very first biker jewelry was made by Mexican craftsmen) looked amazing and were dirt cheap. Bikers bought literally every ring they saw, and used them not only as a means of decoration but also as currency. With the proliferation of motorcycle clubs throughout the United States, bikers felt they needed to stand out from their peers, and jewelry came very in handy.

The other significant factor that helped propel the popularity of biker jewelry is cinema. In the 1960s, there wasn’t a year without a new film about bikers. However, movie makers hardly imagined how real riders looked like. Therefore, they dressed their characters in silly hats and adorned them with some accessories. Back then, regular people didn’t see bikers every day so they took the Hollywood-created images at face value. Surprisingly, bikers themselves weren’t opposed to these looks. Mimicking movie riders, actual motorcyclists started introducing more jewelry and accessories into their wardrobes. Fortunately, by the end of the 1960s, Mexican rings paved the way for biker necklaces, bracelets, pendants, and all this jazz.

Why Do We Love Biker Jewelry?

Now that we know a little bit about its origin, let’s figure out why everyone is crazy about biker jewelry. It left its mark on today’s fashion for the following reasons:

  1. Helps to Stand Out

Biker jewelry has always been burly, heavy, and daring. With such a notable accent, you can easily draw attention in spades no matter where you are. Even the most boring outfits turn into a fashion statement with the well-chosen accessories.

  1. Easy to Combine with Any Clothing Styles

It is a breeze to match biker jewelry with your wardrobe. Whether you choose a chiffon dress, casual outfits, or all-leather attire, chunky silver trinkets will perfectly fit in. We recommend complementing your look with other items in the biker style to make the entire ensemble cohesive – leather boots, jacket, or shoulder bag. In men’s fashion, biker jewelry looks awesome with every style except formal.

  1. It Stands The Test of Time

People loved biker jewelry 50 years ago, they love it now, and they are going to love it 50 years in the future. Very few styles can boast timeless designs but rings and necklaces for motorcyclists managed to device a perpetual motion machine of the fashion realms. The formula is simple – you take a formidable and, oftentimes, outrageous symbol (such as a skull), make it big, and cast it in steel or silver. So far, this recipe works without a hitch.

  1. Biker Jewelry Doesn’t Discriminate

Although biker clubs have their hierarchy, every full-blown member has equal rights with everybody else. Equity is one of the things that make the biker community appealing to so many people. The same goes for biker jewelry. You don’t have to be a biker to pull off things created for them. You must be careful when putting on jewelry designed for specific biker clubs though. Flaunting it unauthorized may raise a few eyebrows of those in the loop.

  1. Easy to Find Your Piece of Jewelry

Biker jewelry is made for men and women (the majority of pieces are unisex anyway). It comes in steel, silver, brass, and even gold finishes (although the latter is less common due to its pretentious quality). It is fairly large but you can unearth delicate and cute things, too. It carries a plethora of symbols. It is available for every body part. The bottom line is that the selection of biker jewelry is bottomless, so everyone can find a piece coming straight from their wet dreams. And even if such a thing doesn’t exist, you can create your own design and get it made-to-order.

Biker jewelry looks intimidating at times. But it doesn’t bite. Try it once to liven up your look and you will never get enough of it.

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