4 Practical Reasons Why You Only Want to Deal With an Official Rolex Dealer

The search is on for a Rolex watch that has all the features you want. While there seem to be a number of places to check out, it’s important to understand that not all outlets who claim to have the watches are carrying the real thing. You would do well to focus your search by only going to a reputable firm like Diamond Source NYC – Rolex Watches Dealer and see what they can do for you. Here are some of the reasons why this is in your best interests.

Authentication is Complete and Accurate

When you choose to do business with an official Rolex dealer, there is no doubt about the authenticity of the watches offered for sale. Vintages watches are subjected to careful scrutiny to ensure that they are the real thing. There is no aspect of the watch that is overlooked. Even the positioning of the Rolex logo on the watch box and on the dial itself is examined with care.

This is good news for you. The last thing you want to do is buy a fake Rolex that seems to be everything it claims to be, only to find that it isn’t worth anywhere what you paid for it. Opting to only work with an official dealer ensures that you never have to worry about ending up with a copycat.

A Selection of New and Vintage Rolex Watches

 You do want to enjoy the maximum choices for your Rolex watch. That means considering recently released models as well as vintage ones. You will find all of the above with ease if you go to an official dealer.

It’s not unusual for a dealer to have a plentiful selection of each. In addition, you have the option of looking at materials featuring the newest releases. Even if they don’t happen to be in stock right now, you can rest assured that the dealer can arrange for the one you want to be delivered within a reasonable amount of time.

Tapping Into the Network of Official Dealers

How does the official dealer manage to find what you want if it’s not already in stock? In terms of new Rolex watches, there’s the potential of seeing what the factory has available for immediate shipment. This will likely be your best bet in terms of securing the latest release.

Vintage watches can also be obtained through the official dealer of your choice. When there’s one you want but it’s not in stock, the dealer can tap into the network of official dealers and see if anyone happens to have the watch that you want. Don’t fret if there are no

Rolex Presidential watches currently in the possession of the dealer. It’s possible to do some checking and know in a day or two if the one you want is currently available from a reliable source.

Protections That You Won’t Get Anywhere Else

It’s true that there are other places to shop for what appears to be Rolex watches. Some of them may be offering authentic used watches at a competitive price. The thing to remember is that what seems to be a great deal on the surface may not be so wonderful in the end.

Even if the watch is authentic, it won’t come with the protections that are included with an official dealer. For example, there’s not likely to be any type of option for a refund or an exchange. You also are highly unlikely to have access to the warranty protection that’s offered by Rolex through official dealers. Other sources are less likely to include a copy of the appraisal results that typically come along with a purchase from an official dealer.

The bottom line is that it’s in your best interests to only do business with a dealer who is authorized and certified by Rolex. In the long run, you’ll be happier knowing that you have exactly what you set out to buy.

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