The Benefits of Buying a Rolex From Local Jewellers Compared to Dealers

Rolex may be one of the most famous brands in watchmaking but this does not mean that it is easy to get your hands on one from an authorised dealer. The Swiss watchmaker sells new models to its dealership retailers in most markets around the world including the UK. This means that you cannot go to Rolex directly and purchase a watch or even order one to be added to their production cycle. Therefore, many consumers think that they have to go to an authorised dealer to obtain the sort of Rolex they’d like. 

This is not the case, however, because local jewellery stores will often have Rolexes available, sometimes at preferable prices compared to authorised dealerships. Other than the potential for a lower asking price, why would you choose a jewellery store over a dealer for a Rolex? Read on to find out.

  • Better Choice

To begin with, you never know what you will find at a jewellery store compared to an authorised Rolex dealer. Typically, dealerships within Rolex’s network will only stock the very latest models that they can get their hands on. Most dealers know that they can place a significant mark up on any watches Rolex sends them so they will take any that they can obtain regardless of how popular a particular model might be. However, at a jeweller’s shop, you are likely to find pristine, unworn Rolex watches as well as used models, thereby offering you a great deal more to choose from in different ranges with some classic and even discontinued options thrown in.

  • The Waiting List

Most authorised dealers cannot get you the Rolex you want for eighteen months at least. According to a jewellery store based in Essex, Bonds of Brentwood, the huge waiting list would-be Rolex owners face is why many customers choose to turn to jewelers instead. Many people simply do not want to wait for the particular model they’d like to wear and, therefore, buying from an authorised dealer is not a viable option. Of course, it is possible to trade in a Rolex bought from a jewellery store when a model finally becomes available from a dealer, so bypassing the waiting list can be a temporary – as well as a permanent – solution.

  • Snobbery

To be completely honest, many people report they don’t like the atmosphere they find in authorised luxury watch dealerships. Many dealers don’t like the idea of selling to someone who will soon flip their Rolex, essentially selling it on as soon as they’ve purchased it. Dealers want all the profit for themselves, after all. As such, they can sometimes be suspicious if you don’t ‘fit the mould’ of what a Rolex owner ought to be like.

  • Local Expertise

As well as being less snooty places to buy a Rolex from, local jewellers have something else buyers want and that is local knowledge. They’ll often know which models sell best in the local market and when it is likely that new or second-hand watches will become available. As such, you can gain a bit of an advantage simply by talking to a jewellery store owner about when to buy and which Rolex model to invest in.

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