Rising Syrian Artist, Singer/Songwriter, Composer, Multi-Instrumentalist, Record Producer: Ghaliaa

Music is the most straightforward expression of beauty because it is the purest art form. It has a single, uncomplicated spirit and is least burdened by superfluous elements. We assume that both quiet and audible music represents the infinite as it manifests itself in limited forms of creation. It functions as a magical key that unlocks even the most closed hearts. Ghaliaa, emerging as a musical genius in the Arab World, expressed her singing abilities, and the fans praised her talent.

Ghaliaa stands out from other artists in that region. Her first single was a tremendous hit and was included on Apple Music Mena’s playlist of the year’s best songs. She is pursuing her passion for singing while donning a veil because she has outgrown the restrictions of her culture. The artist attracted many people’s attention, which reflects her wide-ranging musical tastes. She is an artist controlling the fusion of Arabic and Western music as she appears on UAE radio regularly.

The young 24 years old performs in Arabic, French, English, Turkish, Armenian, and Spanish while also playing drums, guitar, darbuka, and piano. By introducing new instruments, her family pushed her and encouraged her enthusiasm for music; they could tell she had the personality of a musician. She was only six years old when she first expressed an interest in drums, guitar, darbuka, and piano.

According to Ghaliaa, she loves the way she covers her head. She said, “My headscarf is my pride; I value and respect it and see it as a motivation for success. The veil has never prevented me from growing or trying new things. I am a very adventurous person. Music or art, in general, should not force any artist to give up their values for fame or to fit into a particular idea or culture.”

The Young Musician with Ambitious Future

When Ghaliaa was five months old, her family relocated from Syria to the United Arab Emirates. Her family made her grow up in Al Ain, Abu Dhabi, where she attended Abu Dhabi University’s Al Ain campus. She received her Bachelor of Mass Communication degree. Performing at local talent events and cultural festivals near Al Ain proved that the singer would soon mark her international recognition. The Syrian artist launched her career by writing songs at age sixteen. She claims that she “felt ready” in the year she published her debut original track. Ghaliaa also played at The Beat DXB Lockdown, the most extensive online music festival in the UAE, which lasted nine hours and introduced 33 performers.

Ghaliaa’s Musical Career

The singer has a beautiful voice and a tone packed with personality that grabs the listener’s attention. She became interested in music at a young age and advanced swiftly. The country music genre strongly affects the Syrian star’s music, blends R&B, Electropop, Indie, and Jazz. She leveled up her singing career by making her debut with the R&B rocker, Why, in August 2018. Ghaliaa has since established herself as a regular performer on the UAE radio.

Kel El Kalam is one of her releases. She changed her style and words in this flirting indie/pop song. Her downtempo songs, Why and Kel El Alam, are imbued with a welcome roughness that can only come with experience. Their public debut marked both conclusion of the process and the start of a new interval for the artist.

The same year, she also released two other tracks, including Praying/Je Prie, a chilly homage to repentance and forgiveness, performed in both English and French. The music video filmed on the Jebel Hafeet was later released, portraying her artistic and imaginative side.

The release of the radio-friendly Arabic power ballad, Shou Bidak, flagged Ghaliaa’s reputation as a genuine singer-songwriter. Since then, her songs have been on radio playlists throughout Syria and the Middle East.