Advantages of Owing Local Phone Number for Businesses in 2020

Starting up a new business, you would definitely need to have every feature in place to attract leads and convert them into customers. From creating an online presence to giving your customers the ease to connect, you must design your business in a way that provides seamless communication and this is where you would need to have a local phone number.

While a few of the leaders argue on the importance of local phone numbers, others prefer a toll-free number to initiate engagement. In fact, when we talk about virtual numbers, the first thing that comes into the mind is the toll-free numbers or to be precise the 1800 numbers, right?

But that’s not the only way to set up a virtual phone system within your organization. For enterprises looking to do more than just attract international customers, a local phone number is as important as the toll-free number.

Wondering what is a local number and if your business needs one?

What is the local phone number?

In the simplest sense, local phone numbers are specific to a region and largely identified by the zip code or the pin code of the area. Unlike the toll-free numbers, the local phone numbers aren’t a national number. Instead, they belong to a local area and it is easy to trace and locate the origin of a call if done via a local phone number.

One thing that draws a line between the two is the fact that toll-free numbers are billed against the company. For instance, if X is a customer of ABC PVT LTD, calling through a toll-free number would have the bill in the name of ABC PVT LTD. On the contrary, if X dials a local number to connect with the company, he is liable to all of the charges incurred depending upon the call duration.

This apparently turns out to be a drawback, yet business owners effectively invest in local phone numbers.

Why Your Business Needs a Local Phone Number? 

Ok, if you are one of the entrepreneurs driven by the question as to why your business needs a local phone number, consider it to be a way of gaining customer trust.

As stated above, local phone numbers represent a particular region. When buyers view a local phone number, they find it trustworthy. As a matter of fact, customers connect with businesses that have a local presence, and that induce an Image of connecting with the business seamlessly.

If you are still skeptical or thinking why your business needs a local phone number, here are a few benefits for you to consider.

1. Build a local presence

The first and the most important thing is that it helps in creating a local presence of your business.  It is often considered that a toll-free number is robotic and not the actual number of the business. On the flip side, a local number is directly related to the business and embeds a sense of openness with the business. Customers can simply dial the number and have a customer representative on the other end to handle their issues. Not to forget the fact that customers find a Sendmycall local phone number more convenient than the toll-free number. Even if they have to pay for the call, customers prioritize convenience and seek local numbers.

2. Listed on Phonebook & Google Search

The best way to be found today is through Google search. Most of the Millennials and Gen Z customers search for a business online. Under such a situation, a local number works wonders. Not only does it increases the engagement rate of the business but at the same time, gives an impression of professionalism.

For users that lookup the phonebook to trace businesses, local numbers win the battle here too. While a toll-free number isn’t something that you can find on a phonebook, a local business phone number is sure to have a place there. Here again, you improve the visibility of your business.

3. Run Local Ad Campaigns

Imagine that you are looking to host campaigns or run ads for your business. Having a toll-free number might not work well. Local campaigns are primarily targeted towards a particular region or locality and having a local phone number helps build a community of people from the same region. People can recognize you from your number and don’t have to think about the viability of the business.

The majority of the buyers prefer engaging with businesses that are local and can be easily reached out in case of errors. A survey reports that nearly 86% of the customers find local businesses as an excellent alternative to offshore companies. And 72% say they would happily pay the call rates for a local business.

So having a local phone number isn’t just advised but also beneficial considering the customer’s point of view.

How to get a VoIP local phone number?

Wondering how to get a VoIP local phone number?

There are multiple VoIP service providers that offer virtual phone numbers for businesses and enterprises alike. All you need to do is assess your business requirements and then align it with the offerings of the VoIP service provider. The one that matches your requirements and budgetary norms will help you set up a local phone number.

One of the companies that stand out in terms of VoIP offerings is CallHippo. As one of the best companies, they offer both toll-free and local phone numbers to businesses across the globe.

How to set up your VoIP local phone number with CallHippo?

Setting up your VoIP local phone number with CallHippo is pretty easy. To avoid the hassle, you can simply connect with them, share your concerns, and leave the rest onto the experts. Another way of doing it would be buying a local phone number from their site and then integrating it within your business to get started.

Either be the case, setting up a local phone number is what matters the most. So go ahead and buy a local phone number for your business today.

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