4 Tips to Improve Your Wellbeing as a Disabled Young Adult

Having a disability makes many parts of life more challenging, especially adolescence. Young adulthood is a time when life may feel like it never stops. From the partying culture to starting a career, growing up can be pretty overwhelming.

Add living with a disability on top of that, and being a young adult never felt tougher!

However, there are many ways you can boost your wellbeing and life fulfillment, no matter your disability. Here are four tips to improve your mental, physical, and emotional health as a young adult.

#1 Choose Your Friends Wisely

Being disabled shouldn’t stop you from living your life, but it can sometimes limit your level of comfort with certain activities and lifestyles. To maintain your wellbeing, make sure you’re surrounding yourself with people who respect your boundaries and understand you may have needs that differ from a non-disabled person.

When choosing who to spend your time with, consider these factors

  • Are They Inclusive? – Are you letting people into your life who make time for you? Do you feel included in the group activities they plan? Don’t hurt yourself by opening up your heart to people who are going to make your disability feel like a burden. Find a group of friends, whether disabled or not, who make you feel loved and included.
  • Are They Respectful? – Don’t underestimate your worth. Spend time with people who are respectful of your disability. People who use offensive, ableist language, make jokes at your expense, or diminish your struggles are not going to have a positive effect on your mental health.

#2 Don’t Limit Your Goals

Don’t let your disability keep you from reaching your goals. Whether you’re looking to build a career, work on physical fitness, or improve your artistic abilities—your disability shouldn’t stop you.

Find something you’re truly passionate about, and don’t let anything stop you from working hard at it. Keeping the mind active and having something tangible to work toward is important to anyone’s mental health, especially young adults with disabilities.

#3 Focus on Health

Any type of disability, even if it limits your physical movement, doesn’t have to stop you from taking care of your health. Incorporating a balanced diet and any form of physical exercise into your regular routine is going to make a world of difference for your wellbeing.

Some ways to improve your health while living with a disability include:

  • The Right Diet – Getting the proper nutrients out of your diet is important for anyone, but someone who lives with a disability may need some extra assistance in this department. Ask your doctor about any dietary needs that you may require due to your specific circumstances and be sure to incorporate those along with a proper balance of fruits, vegetables, proteins, and whole grains.
  • Physical Exercise – It’s okay if you have limitations when it comes to physical ability because there are many different ways to get exercise. Try water aerobics or focused weight training—with some creativity and a bit of internet sleuthing, you’ll find the right exercise routine for you!
  • Keep the Mind in Shape – Health isn’t just about physical needs—taking care of the mind is important too. For young adults facing stress or chronic pain due to their disability, try travel-ready CBD capsules for quick relief wherever you are. If you’re looking for an emotional outlet, try a budget-friendly online therapy service. With so many to choose from, finding one in your price range has never been easier.

#4 Make Your Home a Safe Space

Whether you live with your parents, on your own, or with roommates, your home should be a place where your disability is accounted for. It’s important to make your house work for you.

This may include adjustments like:

  • Putting things where you can reach them
  • Creating more accessible entrances
  • Surrounding yourself with non-triggering items
  • Updating your appliance to be more modular and accessible
  • Filling your space with soothing decor

If there’s one place in this world that’s going to cater to your specific needs, it should be your home.

You’ve Got This

Young adulthood is a weird time. Everyone is figuring out how to survive in this crazy world. Living with a disability while going through these growing pains is bound to cause some stress, but it doesn’t mean life can’t be enjoyed.

You’re strong, and you’ve got this.

Just take it day by day and find little ways to make life easier whenever you can. You’ve just begun life as an adult, and there’s so much more to come. Get started on the right track and set yourself up for a bright future.

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