3 signs of long-term alcohol abuse that indicate the need for alcohol rehab near me

Most people abusing alcohol think they can quit at any time without asking for help. Once addiction sets in, it becomes hard to live without alcohol and most people end up hitting rock bottom before they can recognize that they need help.

If you or someone close to you is experiencing the following signs, it is time to visit an alcohol rehab near me.

No control while drinking

After long-term alcohol abuse, it is hard for a person to cut back on their drinking. They end up giving false promises to themselves and the people close to them. Alcoholics often realize their limits but cannot stop themselves from drinking even when they reach this limit.

Additionally, alcoholics will drink without thinking ahead about the consequences. They do not care about simple facts, such as finding their way home when they are completely drunk. These people often find themselves looking for a reason to drink and end up blaming their problems and the people around them.

If you find it hard to stop after taking several bottles of alcohol despite knowing you are becoming completely intoxicated, you need to seek help from an alcohol rehab.

Persistent alcohol drinking despite awareness of problems

Long-term abuse of alcohol makes you powerless to change. An alcoholic is often aware of the problems they are causing and the harm they inflict on the people around them due to alcoholism, but they have no willpower to stop themselves from drinking.

Divorce papers, a starving family, or major family problems may not be enough to stop a person from abusing alcohol. They continue their downward spiral and may lose all people close to them and their jobs, but instead of quitting alcohol abuse, they tend to drink even more.

When you realize you are facing problems and cannot stop yourself from drinking alcohol, it is time to visit an alcohol rehab near me. The medical professionals will help guide and support you through recovery from your addiction so that you can live a more productive life.

Experiencing withdrawal symptoms

After abusing alcohol for a long time, your body develops a high tolerance for alcohol. These people often find that they require more alcohol to feel the same effect. Unfortunately, the body gets used to having alcohol in the blood, such that when you do not drink, you will experience withdrawal symptoms.

Some physical withdrawal symptoms include vomiting, insomnia, sweating profusely, headaches, nausea, and tremors, especially on the hands. Other symptoms include fatigue, depression, poor concentration, anxiety, and high irritability.

Long-term alcohol abusers who are heavy drinkers may experience much more severe symptoms such as hallucinations, convulsions, fever, and blackouts. If you experience any of the following symptoms immediately after you stop drinking alcohol, it is an indication that you need to get help from an alcohol rehab near me.

In conclusion, the three signs discussed above are an excellent guide for you. If you experience any of them, it is time to ask for help before your life hits rock bottom and you end up pushing everyone that matters in your life away.