When Do People Know They Need To Get Dentures?

Aging is a natural process and as people get older, they experience changes in their teeth. Some common age-related dental problems include tooth decay, gum disease, and loss of teeth. When these issues become too severe, dentures may be the best solution.

Many people struggle with the decision of when to get dentures.  They may feel embarrassed or self-conscious about their appearance, or they may be worried that they will not be able to adapt to using dentures.

For many people, the idea of getting dentures is a scary one too. They often think that dentures are for older people or for those who have neglected their oral care. However, there are several reasons why someone might need to get dentures.

So Dr. Mike and Dr. Mark who provide affordable dentures in Austin, Tx at Paradigm Dental shared situations where you may need dentures to improve your oral health.

8 Signs You Need To Get Dentures

  • Your teeth feel loose or are falling out

Dentures are the oldest known procedure to replace teeth that are falling out due to old age. With age, the occurrence of bone loss due to gum infections increases, and dentures are the cheapest way to recreate your smile.

  • Your teeth are moving around

If you have lost a tooth and don’t replace it, the surrounding teeth can start moving around. So getting dentures can help keep the surrounding teeth in place and retain a straight smile.

  • You have severe tooth pain

Having tooth pain every day is a sign your tooth decay has progressed to a deeper level and it is time to extract and replace it with a partial denture.

  • You are missing several teeth

Dentures can be used to replace several teeth at a time and even the entire arch. If you have lost too many teeth, a denture can be used to fill in all the gaps.

  • You are unable to chew food

When you lose teeth, you may lose your mouth function and be unable to eat food properly. This is a sign that you need a dental restoration like denture to be able to eat food properly.

  • You have gum disease

Poor oral hygiene of progressing age can lead to gum diseases which lead to both teeth and bone loss. And without any bone structure, it may be difficult to support a permanent restoration like dental implants. But dentures are removable and hence can help you create a new smile even if you have faced bone loss.

  • You have stomach issues

When you are missing a few teeth, you end up eating bigger pieces of food leading to indigestion. So it may be time to consider getting the teeth replaced with partial or full dentures.

  • You feel self-conscious about your smile

Losing teeth, especially at a young age can affect your self-esteem and prevent you from smiling or laughing. And dentures can help you regain the lost confidence and smile and laugh your heart out by giving you a brand new smile.


Dentures offer a way for people to enjoy eating their favorite foods and smiling with confidence, but they are not a solution for everyone. The process of getting dentures includes a great deal of research and planning to ensure that the dentures are the right fit for both your oral health and your lifestyle.

So if you are looking for a general dentist in Austin, Tx to get good quality dentures, head to Paradigm Dental. Dr. Mike and Dr. Mark offer a great concierge experience and will fabricate a customized denture that fits perfectly and looks 100% natural. So call their clinic right away if you think it’s time to get dentures.