Why Is a Photo Booth A Great Idea To Include In Your Wedding?

Why Is a Photo Booth A Great Idea To Include In Your Wedding?

Selfie photo booths are the trendiest wedding item out there right now and for a good reason. They provide a fun way for guests to engage with each other and have a great time. They can stand-in for a photographer at your reception, and they give everyone a great souvenir to go home with, so everyone can remember your event forever.

Renting a selfie booth for your event is also super simple. Just find a company near you that has high-quality photo booths, and they’ll transport the selfie booth to your event space. Keep reading for more details on what a selfie booth is, why it’s great for your wedding, and how to rent one!

What is a Selfie Booth?

Selfie booths are the latest and trendiest item in the event-hosting world. They are small, portable photo booths with large digital screens that take high-quality photos of users. Most selfie booths come with filters and customization and allow direct upload to social media along with a digital album of all the photos from an event.

Selfie Booth vs. Traditional Photo Booth

When you think of a photo booth, you may think of a large, clunky, old-looking photo booth with a curtain in front of it that prints out pictures. Selfie booths are much different, though. They are much smaller and more portable, and you can set up your own background for the photos or rent one from a selfie booth rental company. 

Selfie booths tend to have much fewer technical issues and are easier overall to use for guests; plus they are very easy to transport to different locations, so they tend to be a better option to use at a wedding event.

Why Selfie Booths Are Great for Weddings

Selfie booths are the perfect addition to your wedding reception because they encourage guests to mingle and have a great time, so they can remember your wedding forever with their physical print-outs or digital uploads.

Encourage Guests to Mingle

Selfie booths are a great way to encourage your wedding attendees to get to know each other. Weddings often have many people who don’t know each other, but a selfie booth provides a perfect way for guests to chat and take silly photos with each other at the wedding reception.

No Need to Pay for a Photographer

Instead of hiring a photographer to attend your reception, you can just rent a selfie booth. You’ll get tons of pictures from the night that you can save forever and print to your wedding album as a keepsake. So, not only do selfie booths help make your event fun; they also save you spending extra money by serving as a photographer for your reception.

Makes Your Wedding Memorable

Selfie booths are all the rage on Instagram right now, and all your guests will be shocked at how trendy your reception is if you have a photo booth. Plus, they’ll have such a fun time taking tons of cute photos that they’ll remember your awesome wedding forever.

Gives Your Guests a Souvenir to Take Home

Whether your guests decide to take home a printed picture of themselves or opt to download photos from the selfie booth’s digital album, they will all have a memory of your wedding to take home with them forever. 

Steps to Get a Photo Booth at Your Wedding

Getting a photo booth at your wedding is not as difficult or expensive as you may think, especially in this current age of portable selfie booths. All you have to do is pick a quality photo booth from a rental company, they will bring the selfie booth to your reception, and then you’ll make and remember tons of fun memories from your extra special night.

Rent a Selfie Booth

Firstly, you want to do some research on the best selfie booth rental company in the area. The market of selfie booth rental is expanding more and more, so it’s important that you do a lot of research. Look for a company that makes high-quality photo booths at an affordable rental rate. You may also want to look for special features like photo frame and background customization or direct upload to social media ability.

Whatever you decide, make sure you pick an option close to your event that has great reviews and take a look at some samples to make sure you love how your pictures will come out.

Place it in the Reception Hall

Once you’ve rented a selfie booth, a representative from the company will transport your booth to the event. Make sure you put your selfie booth in the reception hall, not where the ceremonies are taking place. Try to put the selfie booth in an area where a lot of your guests will see it, like near the door or next to the dance floor. Once one person starts using it, there will be a huge line because everyone will want their own photos.

Enjoy Your Memories

Have fun at your wedding taking photos on your selfie booth with all of your friends and family members. After the wedding, you’ll be provided with a digital album with every photo taken on the selfie booth from the night, and you can keep the digital album forever as a record of all your loved ones that came to your wedding, with all their silly and cute photos.

Recommendations for Wedding Photo Booth Rental 

Again, if you’re renting a photo booth for weddings, you’ll want it to be from a high-quality company that makes a great and durable product that will print beautiful photos. That’s why we recommend checking out Selfie Booth Co. Selfie Booth Co. offers affordable wedding photo booth rental across the country. You can choose from several different available packages to customize your background, photo frames, and even the photo booth itself. They’ll transport the photo booth to your event and have an attendant on hand in case of any technical issues to ensure that your photo booth really amps up the fun at your reception.

In Conclusion

Selfie booths are the perfect addition to your wedding reception. They add a super fun activity for your guests, promote mingling among guests, and provide your loved ones with a souvenir, so they’ll remember your special night forever. Gone are the days of huge, clunky, traditional photo booths; selfie booths are portable and cheap to rent and transport and offer tons of customization options. 

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