11 companies where you can pay with Litecoin

Litecoin (LTC) is a stable and rather popular cryptocurrency. It was launched in 2011. That is a good alternative to Bitcoin. Many companies are ready to accept and even some online casinos. Crypto is cheaper and easier to get. Litecoin transactions are faster than Bitcoin transactions. Crypto uses another way of mining and it lets to work in the own sector of mining. This way is safe and the security rate is increasing. This time the Litecoin community tries to protect all transactions while making it hidden. It looks like if people will try to hide their credit card payments in shops.

Advantages of Litecoin Payments

Litecoin is really popular crypto. Many companies are ready to accept it and there are several reasons for it:

  1. High speed of transaction. The payment is done in 10 minutes only. The result is better than Bitcoin.
  2. Low fees and trustworthy. The coin is working for 11 years with zero downtime. It increases the Litecoin rates. Moreover, transactions are totally safe.
  3. Liquidity. The coin is in TOP-3 of the world. In this case, there are many e-wallets and people can choose which is better to use.

So, these are reasons for choosing Litecoin. Its exchange rate is rather high and it is still increasing.

Who Accepts Litecoin

Below you will find the list of the most popular companies that are ready to accept Litecoin. They are focused on different spheres. The firms are international or national and they are really famous. Sure, the list of organizations that accept crypto is longer but these companies are on the TOP of the market, that’s why they are here.

11. Travala

This company is focused on travelling. It proposes many features to clients. So, they can book a hotel, transfer, or other services. The payment can be done with Litecoin or other stable coins. The company offers new ways of travelling that bring new customers.

10. eGifter

The company proposes many variants of gift cards. These are cards for different shops and eve Visa debit gift card. The advantage of eGifter is the feature to get bonuses while using cryptocurrency. They can be used to purchase a new gift in the future. Clients also can use the traditional way of payment via VISA, MasterCard, or some e-wallets.


People can rent or purchase property with cryptocurrency. The company proposes to use the most popular coins to do that. Moreover, it is possible to download the mobile app to find new variants online. It is rather convenient because there are some amazing features for buyers and sellers. It’s possible to find apartments, studios, villas, commercial property, and other variants. The company works in different Nations and it is a good feature to purchase property abroad with the minimum commission fee.

8. Sheetz

That is a famous American company that has several gas stations and shops. People can purchase products, fuel, and even beer here. Moreover, it is possible to make an order and get it after the payment in the shop you need. Only shops are ready to accept Litecoin today but gas stations will do it too asap. Sheets has a great network that’s why the company is popular in the US. Customers can purchase gift cards for cryptocurrency and get goods for the cards later.

7. UnlockBase

This company was launched several years ago and it was focused on unlocking a stuck/locked iPhone device. The price is rather low. Moreover, customers can return money if they are not satisfied with the services. UnlockBase could increase its sphere. It helps to unlock smartphones and devices from other manufacturers too. These are Samsung, Huawei, and Nokia. It’s necessary to send IMEI number to get the code. It supports 25,000 gadgets that’s why odds to find the necessary code are really high. According to the data, UnlockBase could deblock over 5 million devices. Clients can pay via different cryptocurrencies.

6. Snel

That is a web-company that proposes services for websites. It works online and people can pay with different cryptos. Strong points of the organization are support 24/7, low prices, and a user-friendly interface.

5. CryptoGames

It’s a gambling website. There are many online slots, table games, and card games. All of them are rather popular. The company is trustworthy and offers many types of bonuses to customers. Everybody can play for free or for real money. The number of financial partners is increasing to make gambling process easier. Advantages of the casino are the feature to use Litecoin, fast transactions, a user-friendly interface, loyalty policy, and easy payouts.

4. G2A.com

That is something like Steam but the company is ready to accept Litecoin and other cryptocurrencies. In this case, many users like the platform. So, they can purchase games they need easily. Transactions are fast and safe. There are a lot of popular games and people can find the current game easily due to the searching system.

3. Online casinos

Modern trends are forcing online casinos to meet the requirements of players. There are quite a few casinos that accept cryptocurrency. But, this does not mean that a trusted casino is easy to choose. We found out from online casino expert of web platform Slotsspot Nazar Thompson whether there are among the cryptocasinos that accept LiteCoin. To which he replied that https://slotsspot.com/payments/litecoin-casinos/ are now just as popular among players as Ethereum casinos. Only the most important thing a player has to do is to choose an online casino with good ratings and reviews.

2. HostMeNow

That is a British web-company. It proposes hosting, SLL-certificate, and other web-services. There are low prices and high security standards. HostMeNow gives everything necessary to create and support a website.

1. Crypto-Keys

This service lets to keep your unique set of words for the crypto address in safe. People can forget the words or to lose the paper with them. So, the company is ready to help in solving the problem. Payment can be done in traditional way or with Litecoin.

The companies above are pioneers in the crypto world. Their administration solved to accept crypto and they could increase income and the number of clients. We don’t know whether they change coins to national currency or wait the increasing of the coins but their business is well. The data from open sources proves it.

How to Accept Litecoin

The growth of popularity of the cryptocurrency makes the question rather popular. So, it is necessary to know how to accept it. Just do several steps to solve the problem:

  1. Download the payment gateway and integrate it for Litecoin.
  2. Integrate the most popular plugins like WooCommerce.
  3. Send invoice in Litecoin.
  4. Accept payments and make transactions with the cryptocurrency.

It is important to create your personal Litecoin wallet because it would be tied to the payment gateway. You couldn’t get coins without it because there won’t be a recipient.


  1. Is it possible to use Litecoin for PayPal? At the end of 2020 PayPal announced that clients could use some cryptocurrencies. These are Bitcoin, Litecoin, and other popular coins. So, you can make transactions with the crypto in PayPal today.
  2. How can I accept Litecoin? I is necessary to use a special payment gateway. That is available online. Just download it and install it to accept Ltecoin. The feature is possible for companies, bloggers, and other people.
  3. How to get Litecoin donations? It is possible to use a button to accept Litecoin as a donation.
  4. Can I accept Litecoin and receive dollars? Some people don’t trust cryptocurrency. In this case, they want to sell asap. They can do it automatically. The crypto will be changed in the exchange service that will be chosen by you. Then it is easy to get dollars or other national currencies.


The companies above solved to accept Litecoin. The list is small yet but the situation will change in the near future. More and more international companies are ready to use crypto as the way of payment. Moreover, the exchange rate of Litecoin and other cryptos is increasing. The money revolution is near. So, if you are one of the first who could get cryptocurrencies, you could get more than your competitors.