Innovative UK firm looks to help job seekers achieve interview gold

  • Despite vacancy boom, candidates struggling to get roles in top sectors.
  • UK training website, has a 92% success rate by job hunters.
  • CEO available for interviews. 
Despite having the highest job vacancy rate in decades with 1.1 million job openings reported by the Institute for Employment Studies, the job market is not as rosy as it would first appear. While the UK is crying out for HGV drivers and catering staff, in other sectors such as the civil Service, healthcare and banking, recruiting the right candidate is still top priority. 


Joe McDermott, interview coach and founder of said, “Despite lots of job openings, it is very competitive and we are seeing how candidates are having to fight to win those elusive top jobs.


InterviewGold is an online training tool designed to get candidates interview ready in a post-covid world. Since its launch it has helped over 35,000 candidates get jobs with employers from Government departments through to the NHS. 


Its primary aim is helping candidates create and structure answers, especially to the feared competency-style questions which many employers love to use.


In fact, the company has a 92% success rate reported by candidates who used the system and who got jobs subsequently.


One such client is Suzie Kent who used it a decade ago and has come back this year to refresh her skills. “It was a real support when I was starting out and now, I am using it again as I am finding that the interview process has changed and I’ve become a bit rusty.”


It is no surprise as indeed recruitment is now very different than it was when InterviewGold first launched. “With Covid, the job interview process has turned on its head. Technology plays such a huge part with interviews conducted remotely by video and the use of pre-recorded answers used to make initial selection,” says McDermott. 


One of the tools included with the system is webcam recording which allows users to record themselves giving answers. “They can see what the interviewer sees and very quickly change and improve. This is a great way to polish up your performance before you sit in front of the actual recruiter,” he added.


Created by the London based professional interview coaching firm Anson Reed, it is proving a secret weapon in this challenging post covid recruitment market.

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