Design software that evolves with changing demands — adapt with confidence through TESTABILITY

Have you ever been asked if your team could go a little bit faster? The answer is to have a sustainable focus on testability.
Ash Winter and Rob Meaney, leading practitioners in software development, announce the print publication of their book Team Guide to Software Testability. In it they provide a set of tools for answering crucial questions, making it easier for teams to work on the things that matter most: high-value, high-quality, timely outcomes for users and customers.
How can software teams adapt and change the software systems they build and run? How can we get ‘early warning’ of performance, compatibility and integration problems? How can we design software architectures that enable ongoing evolution? Testability is a vital property of modern software. It enables software teams to make changes rapidly and safely with clear feedback loops to understand the impact of changes. When your product is testable, it is more likely to meet all of your customer’s needs. If you want to drive improvements in both speed and agility, testability is the fuel you need to deliver modern software.
Team Guide to Software Testability will guide you through the philosophy, decision-making and practical implementation of a nimble, testing-focused production environment with team exercises and relevant anecdotes from the real world.

“As experienced testers, we have seen teams struggling with hard-to-test systems for a long time. Looking around at the wider body of knowledge about testability, we wanted to fill some gaps. In particular, creating architectures designed for testability has light coverage. Once locked into a hard to test architecture, retrofitting testability is a challenging journey. We hope the book helps those working on systems of all ages to improve their architectures.”

Ash Winter and Rob Meaney, co-authors of Team Guide to Software Testability

“Finally, practical exercises with real-life examples and effective visual models so that your team can make real improvements to your product’s testability. We’ve needed this book for decades. Get it today, dive into any chapter that seems to relate to your team’s needs, and start improving one small step at a time.”

Lisa Crispin, Quality Owner at OutSystems and co-author of Agile Testing

Ash Winter is a consulting tester and conference speaker. He is co-organizer of the Leeds Testing Atelier, a free full-day community testing workshop, whose mission is to give those involved in testing a platform to share their stories, particularly those who haven’t  been heard before. @northern_tester
Rob Meaney learned his trade testing desktop applications for the manufacturing safety automation industry and has since worked for start-ups, gaming, data storage, medical, fraud detection and communication companies building test and automation frameworks. @robmeaney

Team Guide to Software Testability was first published via Leanpub and is now available in print and ebook formats from Amazon stores worldwide (US, Canada, DE, FR, UK) and other territories, Book Depository, other good book retailers, and on popular ebook stores, releasing 15 November 2021. @TestabilityBook – Book website:

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