Use your HTTP logs, map your API, review, attack it and find anomalies

BLST Security announced Firecracker, a new CLI tool that protects organizations from logical flaws, it provides an intelligent attacker that simulates business flows in your API.

This CLI tool provides a detailed analysis of existing attack surfaces, vulnerable flows, simplifies, and visualizes the architecture of the API.


Guy Levinger, BLST Security’s CTO says “Firecracker is the only open-source solution currently in the market trying to solve the broken API logic problem” and concluded that “this is the new generation of cyber security attacks and defense mechanisms, this tool is just the tip of the iceberg, we (BLST Security) plan to spearhead the worldwide progress exploring this new attack surface”.


Features and benefits of Firecracker include:

  • API logic flow visibility
  • User behavior anomaly detection
  • Easy installation and integration into current environments
  • Intuitive interface


About BLST Security: BLST is a young startup company that is developing new security tools dedicated to solving the API security problem where the main focus at this time is finding broken logic in the API and mapping it, with an easy-to-use & integrate platform, ultimately leading to our directive – Know your logic. Stay Secure.

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