Do You Question Our Services too? Hear What the Legal Inspector Said


Trialed for our services, The Independent Pharmacy Stays Victorious. The inspection of 20 June 2019 certifies our services as dependable, valid and of premium quality.

On 20th of June 2019, as per section 60 of the Health and Social Care Act 2008 an inspection team made an informed visit to us and conducted its regulatory inspection. The inspection was to assess whether we were following the protocol designed by the Health and Social Care, they also rated different aspects of our services as per their policies.

The inspection involved the interview of two directors from our team, one was a GP and the other was a non-medical prescriber. The officials took a sample from our consultation records and reviewed it for different aspects. Moreover they tracked all our recruitments and the training records we had. Our patients were interviewed and asked a standard of 5 questions.

The report of the inspection was published on 8th Of August 2019. The report was divided into different aspects that we were judged on. These aspects were the questions our patients were asked. They were as follows:

Are Services Safe?

Our services were rated as good, meaning safe. Our staff was observed to be trained for safeguarding and knew all the necessary protocol needed in cases of dangerous situations. Our response to patient queries and clinical exchanges was monitored. Further to this the staff we have on board and the procedure for recruiting was trialed for and reviewed. The inspection team also checked whether we very prescribing medicines dutifully.

Are Services Effective?

The way of dealing with patients and medical correspondence was checked and examined to see if the standard procedure was followed. Prescribing trends, reviews of consultation were also examined to see if there was an overall improvement. Staff training for fire emergencies, Mental Capacity Act Training and safeguarding updates was appraised. The inspection team made sure that we were dutiful in providing care to patients only after receiving all the information on their health necessary. Our services were also scrutinized to see if we provided extra care to all the patients in need of it.

Are Services Caring?

Health services provider need to follow great example of compassion. Therefore our services were under check to make sure that the clinicians on board were considerate and did their work with compassion and dignity. The services we provide were seen to be informing and transparent to the patients who ordered them. They were reviewed and our patients were questioned to counter check our promises and we proved to be truthful as 84% of our customers were well informed about the treatment both before and after they were provided the services.

Are Services Responsive To People’s Needs?

The services provided from our forum are only limited to UK and the investigative team reviewed it to make sure that we were prompt in our services and we were reviewed as good. We also fulfilled the expectations of being fair and un-discriminatory. The website features how to complain to us and we are very prompt in responding to all the complaints. Our services were also approved to be very easy to navigate through and get help.

Are Services Well led?

We were appreciated for having great plans to be more accessible and increase functionality. Our directors informed the investigative committee that they attended the service daily and we have a thorough service to make sure that the clinicians were not absent or had replacements placed. Our security systems regarding patient information was checked and approved for being secure.

All the aspects were approved and we were given the approval of the investigative committee to keep working with the same zeal.

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