MKU’s Revolutionary ‘Kavro Body Armour System’, To Be Presented At Eurosatory 2022, Propels the Company to the Top of the World’s Body Armour Manufacturer A-List

Global Defence and Security Company MKU’s Latest ‘Kavro Body Armour System’ strikes the perfect balance between ‘protection’ and ‘weight management’, and comes with a roster of features that places it at par with the world’s best body armour solutions manufactured so far, by companies like Safariland, Point Blank Solutions and DuPont USA

MKU’s ‘Kavro Body Armour System’, to be presented at Eurosatory 2022, represents a quantum leap in terms of innovation and the system’s ability to holistically answer the needs of modern-day soldiers and security officials, especially when they are in the line of fire.

Soldiers carry a lot of equipment, both standard and special issue, such as heavy weapons, tactical devices, battery packs and ammunition. They carry these either on their person or in their rucksacks. With such loads, weighing at least 30 to 60 Kgs, their agility and ability to manoeuvre is significantly hampered, hindering their operational efficiency and causing them exhaustion. 

“The ‘Kavro Body Armour System’, which we have developed, is an efficient combination of multiple components that smartly integrate onto a body armour platform and work seamlessly together to enhance the on-field efficiency of soldiers while continuing to provide them with maximum protection,” says Neeraj Gupta, Managing Director, MKU. “The system smartly integrates 30L, 60L or 90L Rucksacks onto the Body Armour Platform and it’s Upper Body Exo System, effectively distributing weight from the soldier’s shoulders, delivering protection of upto Level IIIA and a quick-release system for easy accessibility, donning and doffing of the load. 

This enables soldiers to carry out missions confidently and helps in reducing fatigue and retaining energy, resulting in more comfort, greater mobility, improved survivability and enhanced endurance. Also, the molle system of the new system design enables it to accommodate specific operational requirements for our heroes to complete their missions effectively.”

This is why the ‘Kavro Body Armour System’ is being seen as a game changing product that will make MKU an industry leader among the world’s top bracket of body armour manufacturers, such as Safariland, Point Blank Solutions and DuPont USA.

Mr. Gupta is hopeful of the response the new body armour system will receive at Eurosatory 2022, to be held from the 13th to the 17th of June in Paris, France. MKU has long been a participant in Eurosatory and this year it is one of its key sponsors. Due to the company’s cutting edge manufacturing facility located in Sittensen, Germany, it is also a stakeholder in European security and defence concerns. “It is our honour to be able to bring such a defence and security solution to the Eurosatory this year,” says Mr. Gupta. “Eurosatory is one of the world’s biggest and most prestigious defence and security exhibitions and, for us, an appropriate stage to present a solution like the ‘Kavro Body Armour System’.”

Following are key problems faced by modern soldiers and security personnel, which MKU noted, as well as the features of the new ‘Kavro Body Armour System’ which addresses these issues.

Key Problems Faced by Modern Soldiers and Security Personnel, Noted by MKU:

  •  Carrying heavy ruck-sacks can become cumbersome and restrictive for soldiers during tactical and operational missions where agility, speed or endurance are critical
  •  Loads carried by soldiers can weigh up to 30 Kgs and can go as high as 60 Kgs, which can become heavy and restrictive 
  •  The efficiency of modern body armour innovations like ‘Load Distribution Systems’ and ‘Quick Release Systems’, for emergency situations, gets compromised when back-packs are donned over the body armour using shoulder strings
  •  The donning, doffing, and accessibility of standard backpacks worn with shoulder slings can become cumbersome at times, leading to discomfort and uneasiness, especially in difficult environments or when these are heavy or bulky
  •  Managing multiple components like body armour and ruck-sacks, as well as add-on items like hydration packs, equipment pouches, wet bags etc., especially in emergency and tactical situations, can be unwieldy
How the ‘Kavro Body Armour System’ Resolves the Above issues:
  •  Integrated Ruck-Sack System: An integrated Kavro ruck-sack ranging from 30 kgs to 60 kgs capacity which can easily be attached, mounted and managed 
  •  ILDS Upper Body Exo System: Insta Load Distribution System (ILDS), an upper body exo system, manages and redistributes the weight carried by the soldier by lifting this off the shoulder and redistributing it, resulting in greater mobility and enhanced endurance
  •  Quick Release System: Kavro’s patented and acclaimed quick release system allows either the entire system, or components of it, to be divested by the soldier quickly
  •  Laser Cut Molle System with Tactical Pouches: An extremely versatile combination of rugged, laser cut, webbing and special tactical pouches on the over vest platform, to organise carried equipment
  •  Hydration Pack: A smart hydration system on the Kavro tactical body armour featuring a water pouch and a hose that allows the wearer to drink water, hands-free, during combat

“Our research and innovation comes from a place of belief in our motto: Empowering Heroes,” says Mr. Gupta. “We first listen carefully, to fully understand the issues faced by soldiers and security personnel who put themselves in the line of fire to safeguard our freedom and ways of life. Then we apply ourselves to the utmost, experiment and innovate, till we find a solution for such issues. MKU Kavro’s design team is at work to even further develop and add to our body armour system, with a range of smarter and unique components. We have supplied 2500 ballistic armour plates to the Spain border police and more than 1000 body armours to the Estonian police force, and our armouring solutions for the German Army containers in the past had helped the army safeguard themselves from severe firing by terrorists. We have even provided Norway and Sweden police forces with our ballistic shields.”

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