Joanna Bookkeeping saves SMEs from consequences of poor bookkeeping by introducing a new Bookkeeping Health Check service

Joanna Bookkeeping, an accounting and bookkeeping practice based in Oxford, is introducing a new service called Bookkeeping Health Check to help SMEs streamline and improve their bookkeeping processes. The new service will not only help make things efficient but will also help businesses with preparing their taxes, be compliant and make it even easier for their customers to pay.

Joanna Bookkeeping wants to help those businesses who either have not enough funds yet to outsource regularly to a professional bookkeeper but want to do things right and as efficiently as possible, so they can have more time to start generating more income and grow. Or those who just like keeping things inside the business, including bookkeeping, but aren’t sure where to start and how to streamline things. No matter whether a business is run by a sole trader, or in a form of a partnership or a limited company. Every business can use the new service. The location isn’t a problem either as the whole process is done remotely.


Businesses’ to-do lists are endless. Every time they tick one thing off their list, there’s three more coming. Every business owner or manager knows this feeling. And amongst those things there are those that are very important because once ignored, they will just keep getting worse and have a negative effect on the whole business. One of those things is bookkeeping and bookkeeping processes. “We’ve seen things left for ages because there’s simply no time or knowledge and the consequences of poor bookkeeping and poor bookkeeping processes are terrible.”, says Joanna, the owner of Joanna Bookkeeping.

This is where Joanna Bookkeeping’s one-off service Bookkeeping Health Check can help. It analyses current bookkeeping processes within a business, spots any issues and gives practical suggestions for improvements. A business after that needs to implement them. But Joanna Bookkeeping can help further with that too if required by offering additional accounting or bookkeeping services.


‘’Bookkeeping is the foundation of your business. It’s not even that you can’t do your taxes properly. It’s more than that. You can’t grow if you don’t have your numbers”, says Joanna. 

About Joanna Bookkeeping: Joanna Bookkeeping is a modern and digital accounting and bookkeeping practice based in Oxford. It provides services to small and medium-sized businesses from the UK.

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