Breaking Conventional Packaging Beliefs to Shake the Sustainability Industry

There is a problem. Recyclable and compostable reactive packaging already exist, but the majority are incorrectly disposed of or don’t have the local infrastructure to support the type of product. Element looks at this problem from an unconventional perspective. They provide a full door-to-door service run by their global team of innovators located in both the US and the UK to provide industry knowledge and products that help businesses stay ahead of the sustainability curve instead of conforming to it. No matter the business sizes, Element’s unique packaging tech innovation helps with traceability, accountability and stocktaking, which prove to be crucial assets to the foodservice sector, making their lives much easier and the world a little greener. 

This enlightening perspective was born within two visionary entrepreneurs, Rohit Belani and Adam Petyt, with the sole mission to address the widespread demand for single-use packaging consumers encounter every day while understanding the individualistic needs of businesses. 

“Packaging is an everyday encounter that presents an everyday opportunity to make a difference,” says Rohit Belani, Co-Founder of Element. “We thrive on providing those very opportunities, inching towards a sustainable future.” 
Innovation runs in their veins and continues to entice them to keep up to date on the cutting-edge of packaging technology available to create a more sustainable future. No matter the specific packaging needs, Element has worked with brands like Shake Shack, Planet Organic, Krispy Kreme, and Doordash to understand a company’s specific sustainability problems and provide fresh technological solutions to solve them. Element’s unique back-end tech solutions for each customer helps them achieve their ESG goals and manage infrastructure with ease and complete transparency. 
In the end, Element is more than just a packaging company. Despite covering the full process from sourcing materials, developing products specific to consumer needs, brand customizing products, delivering products, and storing them, Element knows some businesses just may not have the knowledge to choose the best sustainability option for them. Some businesses could buy a compostable product but not have any nearby compostable facilities to actually process it which is why constantly educating, prototyping, and collaborating is at the core of Element’s mission to ensure it provides proactive solutions to the world’s present and future environmental dilemmas. 
“One fork, one cup and one straw present itself as one opportunity and one chance to make one difference,” says Adam Petyt, co-founder of Element Packaging. “We are foreheading a wave of new innovation.” 

Element helps the foodservice industry hurdle over sustainability obstacles every day and continues to prove that catering to each company with a young perspective doesn’t have to be unattainable. Turns out a little unconventionality might just change the world.

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