Making millions as a middleman

Ever heard of drop shipping, supplying customers with goods from a third party, without the need to hold any stock? If you haven’t, and your business only sells products directly to clients, you seriously need to read on.
As a retail business, dropshipping has been around for years, decades even. The basic concept is that sellers advertise goods, and accept orders from customers, but don’t have the costs or hassle of warehousing or physically holding the stock. When the drop ship business receives an online order for one of its products, it buys the product from a third-party supplier who then ships the item directly.
Mugs, t-shirts and electronic gadgets are popular merchandise sold in this space, but the same principles also apply to bigger, and more industrial, goods – and it’s here that there’s money to be made, for both drop shippers and suppliers.
Unfortunately, thanks to unscrupulous vendors, many consumers have come to associate drop shipping with dodgy online sellers who add little or no added value to the products they sell. The only thing they do add for the purchaser is an extra, exorbitant fee on top of the normal price. That’s how not to dropship.
Pressure Pump Solutions are an up-and-coming e-commerce company in the power equipment sector. They’re a prime example of how dropshipping should be done. Trusted by big hitters such as Hyundai and Portwest, not only do they promote across multiple, major shopping and social media channels, they also manage all client enquiries, after-sales follow-up, and monitor customer satisfaction.
Pressure Pump Solutions owner, David Wood, has experienced so much success with his recent drop-ship partners that he’s keen to partner with more.
‘In our first year of trading, the response has been phenomenal. For us, our customers and our suppliers it’s very much been a win, win, win. So much so that we now only operate online using the drop ship model, where suppliers deliver directly to our customers via orders placed on our website –’
Despite Wood’s company being a new business, the success of drop shipping power equipment has led to a search for new suppliers. ‘Basically, if you have a product that ‘fits’ our shop, we’d like to hear from you,’ says Wood. And to build up initial trust, Wood is prepared to buy on a Pro-forma basis via BACS until the supplier is completely satisfied with Pressure Pump Solutions.
‘To get started, we just need details about your product line, some high-resolution photos, your shipping charges (if any), T&Cs and RRPs, and an idea of how you’d like to accept orders from us. Bringing you extra business is that simple.’
Contact David Wood if you’d like to scale your business to another level by supplying products via drop shopping at Pressure Pump Solutions.
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