How to renovate your commercial property in a sustainable way

Our generation has lived the most comfortable life in the whole human civilization. Today, we have all sorts of comforts and convenience available to us at the touch of a button. Everything is automatic and so easy to use. 

Now, this comfort comes with a hefty price tag, and we as responsible human beings should give it a serious thought. Using that air conditioner is very pleasant; getting into that comfortable car of yours to go out seems so relaxing, but what is the cost we pay for it? We are ruining our mother nature for these things.

Over the past several years, there has been a lot of activism to adopt sustainable practices in all avenues of our lives. The use of green technologies and recyclable materials is on a consistent rise.

The commercial construction industry also is not untouched by this, and we should be glad for that. The size and use of the commercial buildings don’t give us much room for going green, but we are now able to do that thanks to modern technologies. 

Business leaders across the globe have started vouching for the need to have a greener and pollution-free planet. This has increased the demand for environmentally friendly practices for building or renovating commercial buildings. 

This article is being written to help you design and build an environment-friendly building using sustainable practices. So that the next time you go to a design build contractor for a property maintenance project, you can ask him about the sustainability of his construction practices. Let’s dive in to know more.


This is indeed the most basic and essential rule for the purpose. Using materials that are sustainable and nature friendly means that we have won half of the battle. Some may find these materials a little more expensive; on doing the cost-benefit analysis, you will find that it may be costly today but will be worth it tomorrow. Moreover, many innovative technologies have made these materials even more durable and cheaper. So, use products made of plant-based polyurethane instead of using the traditional ones.


The main reason for significant emissions from these commercial buildings is the use of conventional energy systems. You don’t need to depend entirely on the grid for running your workspace; you can use solar panels or rainwater harvesting to produce electricity for full or partial use in your office. This will build a good image for your brand and save you money in the long run.


The Heating, Ventilation, and Air-conditioning systems make up a large part of the total Co2 emissions from any commercial building. So, next time you go for an office renovation, use something like chiller boiler systems that use water for heating and cooling, rather than the conventional ones that use air, emitting more.


Landscaping your property with a vertical garden is an excellent way of becoming a sustainable business. This is a mind-boggling innovation to provide fresh air across your commercial space and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. These walls help reduce solar radiation and absorb rainwater that can be used for 100 different purposes if you are well equipped. So, include these green roofs and walls in your next renovation.


The conclusion here is that we can’t imagine a world without a pollution-free environment. Everything that we are doing is taking a toll on mother earth. So, we should start from now to reverse the damage we have already done to her. Using sustainable practices to build your commercial property is one of those steps. This article was a little attempt to make you aware of some of them. I hope it helped.