How do you Choose the Right Doors for Your Home?

External doors should not only protect your home from the outside elements and provide the building with a proper level of security and privacy. You should never forget that your front doors are also the focal point of the building, which means that aesthetic considerations are as much important as all other, more practical factors. How to choose doors for your home and what should you pay attention to before making any purchase? Below you will find some useful tips on that topic!

Choosing Doors – The Main Factors to Consider

While choosing front doors may seem easy at the first glance, there’s much more to that than meets the eye. Apart from the already mentioned security, privacy and protection from the elements, there are other key factors that you always have to consider before choosing your new front doors. Here’s a brief list, compiled thanks to the information we got from the real experts working at Fenbro, one of the most renown Irish suppliers of high quality joinery:

  • the style and appearance of your home – one of the most significant things to thoroughly think about. The look of your front doors is extremely important especially for those, who live in old, historic houses – even the slightest stylistic mistake here will have a huge impact on the overall appearance of the building
  • the material – front doors can be made of a variety of materials, but the vast majority of doors available on the market are made of wood, uPVC or metal (usually steel or aluminium). Making the right choice here is crucial, as it affects the level and effectiveness of thermal insulation, sound proofing, energy efficiency and cost, among others
  • compliance with your local safety standards – while in some countries there are no strict regulations regarding safety standards, it is not the case when it comes to Ireland. That’s why you should always choose doors that not only look nice, but also are  built in accordance with the law

External Doors – What Else you Should Take Into Account?

When choosing your front doors, it is also a very good idea to consider the following factors:

  • quality and durability – this will have a serious impact on the overall sturdiness of your front door, so it is highly recommended to choose doors only from reliable sources and renowned manufacturers
  • applied security features – this is a rather self-explaining point, but let’s emphasize one thing: while there’s nothing wrong in having as many safety features as the manufacturer offers in your external doors, you shouldn’t go too far in this regard. All in all, the main role of your front doors is to separate the outside world from the inside of your house and not to isolate you from the world completely
  • sound insulation – an important factor to take into account especially for those who live near the street or in other loud areas. Proper and effective sound insulation will be simply invaluable in such environment
  • thermal insulation – another extremely important factor to consider. Thermal insulation is crucial, as it can save you from the extreme environmental conditions outside your house:  heat, cold, winds, storms, or rain and humidity

Fenbro – Renowned Supplier of High Quality Joinery

Fenbro offers high quality Polish joinery to B2B and B2C customers in Ireland and many other European countries. All products available in the offer are tailored to the needs and expectations of  customers. The company provides a complete service, from the product to delivery to installation and guarantee, as well as the after-sales support.

Full information about all the available doors and other products can be found at the Fenbro website.

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