TryHackMe hosts third Advent of Cyber event, with $15,000 worth of prizes to be won

  • Cyber security training platform, TryHackMe, is launching their December Advent of Cyber (AoC) event in time for the holidays.
  • The event was created to introduce people to cyber security, with 30,000 global users having participated in the last AoC.
  • Every day until Christmas, the series releases beginner-friendly challenges, which follow an interactive Christmas story.
Online cyber security training platform, TryHackMe, is launching its third Advent of Cyber event just in time for the upcoming festive season. The training series will take place from the 1st to 25th of December and offers a beginner-friendly, gamified learning experience for those wanting to introduce cyber security into their knowledge base in a unique way.

TryHackMe aims to make the cyber security learning process both as accessible, and fun as possible. Advent of Cyber reaches new levels of entertainment, with $15,000 worth of prizes to be won and each challenge featuring a Christmas-themed storyline. The last event saw the participation of 30,000 users globally and this year is set to be even bigger and better, following the company’s rapid growth throughout 2021. 


What is Advent of Cyber? 

While cyber security is a lucrative and rapidly growing industry for individuals and companies to explore, it can be notoriously tricky to figure out where to begin. The AoC event was developed as an entertaining and inclusive way to introduce learners to the world of cyber security. It can be accessed remotely through users’ browsers, thereby attracting participants from all around the world, breaking barriers that tend to deter people from beginning their learning journeys in the first place.

The event will release a brand new beginner-friendly challenge every day leading up to Christmas, each of which will follow an interactive festive story. Challenges feature both written and video content, covering topics such as network and web exploitation, open-source intelligence (OSINT), defensive training and cloud hacking. These topics are all vital skills for helping kickstart careers in the cyber security field, as well as helping companies improve their defences and upskill their teams.


Who Participates in the Event?

Advent of Cyber provides a free opportunity for everyone willing to learn, regardless of age, occupation or skill level. According to co-founder, Ben Spring, “It is a great way to understand how security attacks occur and launch into cyber in a fun, secure way!”

TryHackMe has delved into the rise in people looking to take advantage of the notable industry, with a boom in those wanting to switch their career paths. With many young people looking to upskill their training to help boost career prospects and stand out to potential employers, students are a key user group in the AoC event. It also provides those on a tight budget with a vast range of lessons that mirror job responsibilities in the field, free of charge.
Professionals with adjacent security career paths – such as IT, system administrators and software developers – can also benefit from AoC’s challenges, leveraging their existing training in cyber security. In addition, it is an excellent training tool for businesses, with companies able to utilise management dashboards to share daily challenges across their work teams, monitoring progress and delivering a premium, fun learning experience.


TryHackMe offers global cyber security training, hosting free events and pathways alongside a full-access subscription at $10 a month. To find out more, visit

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