Mapped: The 44 Most Privileged Countries around the Globe

Everything changes with time but for most people, what doesn’t change is the value of the place where one lives. We feel so proud and satisfied when our country adds some value or comes under the category of being among the world’s most developed nations.

The ABCD Agency carried out a study in July 2021 of 44 countries to find out who are the luckiest people in the world.

The 44 Most privileged nations of the world 

  1. Norway: With quite a low unemployment rate, high social mobility and less inequality, it stands at the top in terms of career opportunities. When we talk about liberty and life satisfaction, it holds a score of 100, which is incredible.
  2. Canada: It is well equipped in terms of the medical field. It is the only country that has a total score of 100 in safety and health, which we all know is essential, especially after experiencing the Covid-19 period.
  3. France: Among the four parameters, it is low in financial stability along with a high unemployment rate, but when it comes to the health sector, it is way better than many other countries.
  4. Switzerland: Very few countries are high in finances, and Switzerland is one of them. Most of the countries are pretty low in financial stability, which is a matter of concern.
  5. United States: The country with a massive population of over 327million comes at 18th position when talking about the total score. It is reasonably equivalent in health, career and finance but is low in life satisfaction.
  6. Estonia: Being employed gives an internal satisfaction as an individual because you know that you are earning to support yourself and your loved ones, and staying in a country where employment is the priority adds a feather to your cap. Estonia scores well in career opportunities and life satisfaction but has a low finance score.
  7. Italy: With $41,110 GDP Per Capita, more than 50% of people are long-term unemployed. The passport strength index of the country is relatively high, but at the same time, the human rights index is just 1.37.
  8. Lithuania: It comes in 30th place with a total score of just 38.23 with 50.39 in career opportunities, 66.92 in liberty and life satisfaction which is quite good but when it comes to finance it scored just 13.62.

In no particular order, the remaining nations in the list for the luckiest people are –

  1. Iceland
  2. Luxembourg
  3. Denmark
  4. Finland
  5. Australia
  6. Sweden
  7. Austria
  8. Netherlands
  9. New Zealand
  10. Ireland
  11. Belgium
  12. United Kingdom
  13. Germany
  14. Japan
  15. Slovenia
  16. Spain
  17. The Czech Republic
  18. Portugal
  19. Korea
  20. Israel
  21. Poland
  22. Slovakia
  23. Latvia
  24. Hungary
  25. Greece
  26. Chile
  27. Turkey
  28. Mexico
  29. Singapore
  30. China
  31. Russia
  32. India
  33. Cuba
  34. Argentina
  35. Brazil
  36. South Africa

The data comparison is based on numerous crucial factors like economic development, life satisfaction, minimum wage, health and safety index etc.

Having a balanced life means a stable and safe job, a better standard of living with wealth and good health. These factors were the deciding criteria for ranking the countries with the luckiest people in the world.