Significant Things to Know About Process Serving in Berkeley

When you sue for a breach of promise to marry and then file a lawsuit, serving your supposed partner with the necessary papers is essential, no matter their location. At this point, requiring the services of a process server is vital.

In process serving, laid down legal principles to be applied in the local documents must be followed. For instance, a legal process server undertaking a legal process serving in Berkeley must follow the rules for issuing legal documents in California.

If the process server breaks any law while serving papers, punishment for trespassing or entering awaits him. Hence, a process server must have the right skills and techniques to employ in tricky cases like issuing notice to a person trying to run away from court summons.

What Is Process Serving?

This process involves serving a set or series of the required legal documents to notify a party of a legal action brought against them in a court of law by an individual other than the one who is a party to the court case.

Process serving is a necessary procedure to ensure due process of law. More so, the legal process serving laws in civil procedure differs from state to state. There are federal laws, as well as state laws. These laws have to be strictly adhered to depending on the suit applied in the court.

How Is Process Serving Done?

Process service is done by delivering legal documents to the person the legal action has been brought against by a hired individual known as the ‘process server.’ For instance, you can find a local process server in Berkeley, California who law firms or corporations hire to carry out the task of process serving.

Who Is a Process Server?

A process server is a person who delivers legal documents to a party (usually the defendant), notifying them of a proceeding applied before a court of law or tribunal against them.

Examples of legal documents are statements of claim, writ of summons, plaintiff’s claim, complaints, subpoenas, divorce papers, and much more.

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Do Process Servers Offer Other Services?

Apart from serving legal documents, most process servers offer other legal services. Some of the services they offer include the following:

  • Litigation Services

Most process servers who are also part of a law firm represent their clients in court.

  • Legal Research

They make findings and research on court records and cases.

  • Filing and Issuing at the Court

Some process servers go as far as filing documents in court and issuing a new action.

  • Occupancy Searches

They research the full details of an occupancy report for clients.

How Long Does It Take for a Process Server to Serve a Notice?

For instance, Berkeley, California process servers work with the deadline given by the plaintiff because it’s the plaintiff who has the sole responsibility to serve legal documents on time to all parties.

However, the timing for serving individual notices vary. It could depend on the process server. In Berkeley, for instance, process service could take between 5 to 7 days.

Top Process Servers in Berkeley, California

Highly rated professional individuals/companies who carry out process serving in Berkeley are as follows:

  • D&R Legal Process Service, LLC

This company has been in existence since 1985. It’s dependable, responsible, and provides clients with fast, honest, and guaranteed services at affordable rates.

Their services include process service, court filing, private investigations, document recording, court research, fax filing, and a host of others.

  • Hollister Process Service

This company offers full legal support, including court services, process serving, e-filings, and fax filings. Their services are prompt and effective.

  • On-Call Legal

This company has a good number of experts with experience in process serving and private investigations.

  • Valpro Attorney Services

Valpro offers process service and court filings effectively and at reasonable rates. Their services are efficient and effective.

  • ABC Legal

This law firm offers prompt and excellent professional services like legal process service, legal research, court filing, and many more.

How Much Does a Process Server Charges?

The charge rate depends on the service, location where the service offering is needed, and its urgency.

What Should a Process Server Not Do?

  • Avoid Using Threats or Force to Serve Documents

Suppose a person refuses to allow a process server into his home; the server isn’t permitted to enter the home or resort to threatening the person forcefully but should leave as the court will find another way to handle the situation.

  • Pose as a Law Enforcement Agent

Even though some process servers are licensed private investigators, they don’t have the right to compel the person to collect the notice by posing as a police officer or any other law enforcement agent.

  • Trespassing Is Illegal

If the process server notices that the person to be served is running away from service, the server should rather wait for the person at their house and not break in and unlawfully enter the property.

  • Can’t Leave Papers With a Minor

A minor, in this case, is one below the age of 18. A server isn’t to hand a notice to a minor. If the server must give it to someone other than the actual individual, he could hand it to an adult.

  • Can’t Work for the Opposing Client

It’ll be unprofessional to be working for a client (the plaintiff) and the other individual (the defendant). The work for the defendant may not necessarily be process serving. Albeit, it’s not advisable for both parties.


Hiring a process server makes work very easy and conserves time, as there will be more time to focus on the things that matter.

Process serving in Berkeley, for instance, is easy to access and is quite affordable. As a law firm or corporation, hire the professional services of process servers and promote your work efficiency and effectiveness.

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