6 Ways to Sell Your Junk Car Faster

Do you have a junk car sitting in your garage, eating up space while the car continues to depreciate? Have you already tried searching for the phrase ‘sell my car’ in Google, trying to find the quickest way to sell your junk?

According to a news report, 12 million cars are junked in the US annually. The article will take you through six different ways to sell your junk car. Of course, you will not make thousands of dollars from the sale, but you can still find a good deal for your vehicle, depending on the buyer.

Sell Your Junk Car As-Is

You can sell your car as-is through a newspaper ad or an online posting. If your car is faulty and needs repairs, the information should be mentioned in the post. You do not want the buyer coming back for their money due to false advertising on your part.

Selling your car as-is is one of the simplest ways, but you will have to be patient with prospective buyers.

Sell It to the Nearest Used Car Dealership

If you are getting rid of your car because it has way too many miles on it, or you do not want to spend money on repairs, you can take the vehicle to the nearest used car dealership.

When visiting a used car dealership, be prepared to drive a hard bargain, as these businesses will not always offer you the best deal on your junk car, especially for cash purchases.

Sell It to a Car Buying Service

There are several car buying services such as https://www.cashcarsbuyer.com that buy used or junk cars in their current condition. A car buying service is the easiest and fastest way of getting rid of your junk car.

You could call them up or get a free instant offer online. You will receive a transparent offer depending on the car’s actual merit. Moreover, if you accept the deal, the service provider will pick your car for free and handle all documentation. You can receive money for your junk car on the spot.

Sell It to the Salvage Yard

You could sell your car to the nearest salvage or junkyard. These businesses will break down your car, sell any salvageable parts, and, if any parts are recyclable, they will be dealt with accordingly.

Make sure to call the salvage yard beforehand and confirm if they are taking in junk cars and would be able to buy your particular model.

Dismantle and Sell Parts

If your car is sitting in the garage for long or has met with an accident, selling it for parts would be a cost-efficient option than selling the car as a whole.

You should go ahead with this method of selling your car only if you have the expertise and time on hand to break down your car, salvage working parts, and deal with multiple buyers.

Sell Your Junk Car as Scrap Metal

If your car has no working parts or has been damaged beyond repair, you could sell the car as a scrap metal dealer. A car that no longer functions still has valuable materials ingrained in its body, engine, batteries, tires, and rim.

Consider scrap dealers as a last resort, as you might not make much from the junk car sale.

Out of the many ways mentioned above, selling your car to a used or junk car buying service is the fastest way to get rid of junk and earn some dollars in the process. These services buy a range of domestic and imported models, offer free pick-up and on-the-spot payment.

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