Basic Attention Token (BAT) Cultivating A Healthy Community – HUH Token Presale Members Concerned About Their Orders

Basic Attention Token, otherwise known as BAT, has been around for quite some time at this point. Over the past three months, the token has shown a shift in price and settled above its much lower price a few months ago. Basic Attention Token has taken great care to communicate with those who support their token so that they are informed and able to ask questions.

HUH Token is new to the market, having only launched on the 6th of December 2021. Being less than a month old doesn’t seem to have affected its performance as it had a 4000% increase in market value soon after launch. However, those who have joined during the presale have some complaints regarding HUH Token.

Basic Attention Token is a cryptocurrency used to reward users of a browser named Brave. By default, the Brave browser has no tracking software and blocks all adverts that it is able to. However, the twist BAT brings to the table is that you can opt-in to watch the adverts on the browser. Those who accept the adverts will be rewarded with Basic Attention Tokens. These can be redeemed however the user wishes. Users can sell the tokens for monetary value or donate them to their favourite content creators to support their work.

Basic Attention Token also hosts a community call every week. This is done in order to keep the communication line between its Brave browser users and the company. This has led to a strong community that has a lot of faith in both the company and the token that supports it. Some reports have said that Brave pays its users 70% of their total profits from the advertisements in order to incentivise the usage of their browser.

HUH Token is a wealth-generating token made to support a larger project the creators are planning. HUH Token generates wealth in two significant ways, providing BNB as an incentive to holders who invite others to join the HUH Token community (HUH Nation) and by providing more HUH Tokens to anyone holding the token in a wallet.

The primary concern is that many who purchased HUH Token during the presale have not received them. This is naturally causing a lot of frustration and anger towards HUH Token. Many of those who did not receive their tokens believe that they are not to be trusted.

Since these rumours and fears have spread across their community, HUH Token has since announced a solution to these problems. After a thorough investigation of why their holders had not received their tokens, the team discovered the issue. Not too long ago, the team partnered with Now Payments to ensure their automation systems ran smoothly. HUH Token’s team had a complication when providing the required information to receive the transactions.

HUH Token has shown that cultivating a healthy community is important to them and they have announced that they will correct this mistake and provide everyone with their tokens. They utilise the telegram to help those who have questions and continue to make announcements regarding the progression of the token on various social platforms. If HUH Token makes good on its promises to heal those who have been burned by their error, then they have the potential to make a strong and expansive community.

Basic Attention Token has demonstrated an excellent guideline to keeping a community healthy and happy, the token has been rewarded for doing so as it has its price hasn’t plummeted along with the rest of the crypto market to where it was three months ago.

HUH Token has had an excellent start in terms of market value and is now looking to assist those unintendedly hurt by the presale process. Once rectified, the token may be forgiven and it can continue on its goal to generate wealth for all.


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