About 1.72 million people in this world experience musculoskeletal disorders. MSDs are those injuries that affect the human body’s movement or musculoskeletal system. The most common disorder is lower back pain. With increase of chronic health issues and pain and clinical conditions, there has also been development in technology and therapy to support those afflicted. This rise can also be helpful to our health system’s tendency to treat symptoms and an increased need for more integrative therapies that don’t carry side effects.

PEMF therapy is another safe treatment option to reduce pain and deal with musculoskeletal disorders. It can be used to provide and enhance currently present healthcare modalities. PEMF devices offer a non-drug method to pain management and  decreases regular use of medicine and dependency.

The PEMF therapy includes different devices like body mats, pad applicators or spot applicators. Patients are placed on the PEMF mat during manual therapy, acupuncture and laser therapy.

PEMF therapy mat works with the help of magnetism. Magnetism is a force that is essential for life. PEMF uses pulsing electromagnetic fields to kickstart and accelerate the normal biologic cellular reactions. Cellular communication is essential for the body’s adaptation and regulation processes, which helps to maintain overall health and deal with the symptoms and etiology of cell deterioration and disease.

Every cell in body contains electrically charged particles called ions that conduct all cellular processes.  During stress, illness, or environmental factors the cell embrane that conducts essential in and out of ions are compromised and is unable to efficiently transport these ions.

The magnetic pulse or force generated by the mats or other devices penetrates the body, a magnetic field in motion is created that immediately and directly influence these ions and membrane potential to stimulate them into action. This results in an increase in cellular communication and circulation, decreasing inflammation and pain and results in acceleration of healing.

The mat therapy regulates circulation, improves muscle function and enhances blood oxygenation and bone healing while reducing inflammation and effect of stress. A PEMF therapy assist in treatment of pain, improved sleep management, better mental focus and quicker free recovery and healing.

Studies on using a range of PEMF devices have been demonstrated that PEMF is a safe, non-invasive alternative treatment that yields results.

A study revealed in 2015 evaluated the effect of BEMER therapy in patients with knee arthritis and chronic low back pain. This research concluded that patients suffering from chronic back pain, BEMER therapy showed reduction in pain and fatigue within the short term. For patients with degenerative arthritis of the knee future therapy incontestable positive results.

These 2 studies centered on pain, however a good body of analysis has indicated that PEMF therapy has several alternative welltried benefits, together with activating and stimulating the involuntary system (ANS) that controls breathing, heart rate, digestion, and all very important body functions; relieving anxiety and depression; promote bone formation; so much more. Additionally PEMF effects on acupuncture points, acting as a style of acupuncture treatment without needles. Stylostixis points will be influenced by heat, friction, light, electrical stimulation additionally as by magnetic fields which means that whole body PEMF treatment is simultaneously, in conjunction with alternative actions, doing acupuncture-type treatment. With the wide selection of PEMF mats within the market, it is difficult to see which can profit you most.

There are different factors that should be considered for mats like waveform, field strength, frequency, resonance effect and pulse. PEMF mats use different types of waveform but the best waveforms are square forms for healing and saw tooth wave for relaxation field strength is described as the intensity and a very low field strength can lead to best healing benefits. Frequency is the important part of this therapy. For long tern use PEMF mats should use low frequency signals Pemf mat systems are active devices, which are designed to deliver varying signals to keep the cells in the body responding over the long term. The good PEMF systems use variety of features which efficiently switch the magnetic polarity and use a pulse with a rapid rise and fall time.

An option of PEMF mat therapy is infrared PEMF mat. A person can adjust the wave type, frequency, pulse duration and intensity so it can adapt to most people’s needs. It also consists of copper PEMF coils, infrared lights, and crystals. Suitable for flat surfaces and a person can sleep on it if they wish.

PEMF is a non-invasive therapy that offers another advance tool to help promote wellness and healing. It is safe for both children and adults and should be considered when you are looking to improve wellness and reduce chronic stress, as longterm stress always leads to physical and mental health issues and should never be ignored. 

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