Tips for choosing the best bookmakers in 2021

We always talk about making our sports bets in the smartest way possible but for this, we need a sportsbook where we can bet. The offer in the market is brutal and it may be that given the range of possibilities offered by websites such as Betting Sites 2021, you have wondered which is the best online bookmaker.

In reality, all sites that are licensed to legally operate in your country of residence can be valid options for gambling. It all depends on what you are looking for and your level of experience: some players hunt for welcome bonuses, others look for the best odds in a specific sport, the best live streaming service to bet live … Through the following lines we are going to highlight the main criteria to look at to choose the bookmaker that best suits your preferences.

Competitiveness of fees

First of all, you must be clear about your favorite sport to bet and find out who offers you the most attractive odds for that sport. Finding the best prices is essential to get the most out of each bet. Therefore, it is essential to carry out a comparative analysis of the odds offered in your favorite sports competitions. To do this, you can use a quota comparer or do the study yourself. Choose 4 or 5 reference matches and write down in an Excel file the odds of different markets, in pre-match and live. In this way, you will be able to compare the prices offered and see if a bookmaker systematically offers better odds than the competition.

Bookmaker Margin

In addition to high fees, we will look for a site that applies the lowest possible margin to fees. It is a criterion that few take into account when choosing a bookmaker but it is essential.

We remember that the margin distorts the probabilities of the events on which we bet. To ensure profit, the sportsbook systematically applies a commission, which negatively affects the fees. In our section “Understand the odds”, we explain in detail how to calculate that margin.

Variety of bets

Although new bettors often start by making simple 1X2 bets, it is important that the chosen bookmaker offers a wide variety of betting markets. When the user gains experience, he will be interested in trying more complex strategies, using markets such as handicaps, over / under, exact result, double chance bets… On the most popular betting sites, you can find up to 100 types of bets by event.

Bonuses and promotions

Welcome bonuses attract new players. It is a proven marketing technique. Bookmakers have an increasingly aggressive policy, with bonuses of up to 350 euros, but you have to read the fine print: how and when the extra money is delivered, what are the conditions to withdraw the bonus money, what is the minimum quota you must bet on, what is the rollover, what payment methods you can use, what is the minimum amount of the deposit you must make … As you can see, there are many restrictions and not only the amount of the bonus matters.

Therefore, when choosing a bookmaker, it is important that you know if you are going to use the welcome bonus (it is not an obligation) and if so, that you understand the terms and conditions well. In our Betting Bonuses section, you will find detailed information about all current bonuses.

On the other hand, it may be interesting to take a look at the promotions section. Bookmakers often offer improved odds, freebets to bet, and refunds, but not all of them do this regularly.

Payment methods

Another important factor when choosing a bookmaker is to check the payment methods available for both entering and withdrawing money. The more options you have, the less trouble you will have depositing or withdrawing.

It should be noted that, nowadays, most of the bookmakers in the Spanish market offer secure and recognized payment methods. Still, it never hurts to take a look at accepted methods.

Live streaming service

Some bookmakers offer live image service, having the online signal of the event that can be followed through their website, which attracts many players to bet live. If you want to know which are the sites where you can enjoy live images, see our section See sports online. You will find an updated list of the bookmakers with the largest number of streaming sporting events as well as the conditions of access to this service. In general, you only need to have an account with a positive balance.

Access from mobile

Currently it is very important to be able to access a web page from any device. This is taken into account by bookmakers and the vast majority have an App and / or websites adapted to bet from mobile devices. It is a key factor for many users especially when placing live bets. You must take into account the facilities and inconveniences that mobile sites entail to enjoy the bets in their entirety.

Customer Support

Lastly, we have to talk about customer service. The wish is that you never have to call Customer Service but for any doubt or question, being able to contact them quickly and easily is a point to take into account. Each bookmaker offers customer service hours and contact options ranging from live chat to email contact, as well as a free phone number. The one that offers more possibilities of contact, as well as a high speed in its response time, should have an advantage over the rest.

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