Dogecoin One Year Journey – HUH Token’s Has Just Begun With A 4500% Price Increase In Under A Week

Since its conception, Dogecoin has held a strong position as the leading meme coin. Only in recent months did Shiba Inu make a challenge for the throne of canine cryptocurrency. Dogecoin has its success heavily tied to the likes of Elon Musk tweeting a few words about the crypto. HUH Token is a new token that has separated itself from the niche of a meme token. Instead, HUH Token has presented itself as a ‘Utimeme’ token. It combines the concepts of a meme token and a utility token.

Dogecoin stood out among the more traditional cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. The coin was intended to be a joke and became much more than that. The price began to explode and resulted in vast profits for all its supporters. The coin has since become more stagnant, but at any point, a few words from the famous Elon Musk could return it to its former glory.

HUH Token is hoping to achieve results equal to or exceeding that of Dogecoin. With goals of being available on 100 exchanges in a year and being among the top cryptocurrencies in the world. Ambitious goals and their launch signified a strong beginning to achieving these goals.

HUH Token experienced a 4500% increase in value in under a week. This was a result of the vast amount of interest surrounding HUH Token as a wealth-generating token. Within its White Paper, there is a detailed explanation of a social platform that HUH Token will be used in conjunction with the future. The platform is called the MetHUH. However, the token alone has interesting features for those looking to generate additional income.

HUH Token has a unique referral system that allows users to make BNB. This incentive is an intriguing feature as BNB (Binance Coin) is the native coin for one of the biggest exchanges in existence. This can then be used for transactions on the BNB smart chain or withdrawn as additional income. The number of referrals is unlimited, so in theory, a holder could continuously refer others and generate as much BNB as they want.

HUH Token have over 12,000 wallet holders and are continuing to gain more. This is before they have become available on all of the exchanges they are aiming for and before any other significant announcement concerning their future projects.

Lord Locke, top payment lawyer Robert Courtneidge has said that regulation regarding cryptocurrencies will likely be implemented to protect consumers and banks alike. However, cryptocurrencies appear to be a part of the future.

Dogecoin has paved the way for other cryptocurrencies that may have thought they had no chance to be recognised as a top crypto contender to now threaten the top 100 positions. HUH Token could be the next cryptocurrency to achieve this. Its White Paper has made its long-term goals apparent to everyone. Its native cryptocurrency will only increase in value as its project moves forward. Joining the ever-increasing number of wallet holders may be a wise move to avoid missing out on potential profits that could rival Dogecoin.


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