5 Advantages of Wearing Glasses with Anti Reflective Coatings

5 Advantages of Wearing Glasses with Anti Reflective Coatings

Choosing a new pair of glasses is a challenging undertaking, since there are so many different aspects to consider. While the style, color, and shape of your new glasses are important, the lenses are by far the most vital component. After all, this is the part of the eyewear that is packed with the technology that improves vision, removes glare, and blocks harmful light.

When it comes to lenses, one of the most popular upgrades that people request is an anti-reflective (AR) coating, which has a wide range of visual, health and aesthetic benefits. Standard lenses will typically prevent around 10% of the light from reaching your eyes, resulting in glare and reduced visual clarity, whereas AR lenses allow significantly more light to pass through, which reduces distorted vision.

On top of the optical improvements, glasses with incorporated AR technology are highly resistant to dirt, scratches, and everyday wear and tear, ensuring the long life of your expensive glasses. If you are still unconvinced, read on for more advantages of using anti-reflective glasses.

1. Improve Visual Clarity

Visual acuity is a person’s ability to see minor details. For example, when you are driving or walking on the beach, and the sun is in your face, it can be challenging to make out the specific details of your surroundings.

Lacking visual acuity is a very noticeable outcome of wearing cheaper, less advanced types of lenses. When you can make out what is going on in front of you, but your field of vision is dramatically decreased, you will know that your glasses are leaving a lot to be desired.

It’s a bit absurd that with the existence of modern technology, so many people sacrifice part of their vision when the sun is out and shining down hard. AR is an easy and very accessible solution to this problem.

2. Extend the Life of Your Glasses

In an ideal world, you should always strive to keep your glasses free from dust, dirt and grime, since it can damage your glasses and hamper your vision. But let’s face it. We live in the real world, and your lenses are going to get dirty from time to time.

Fortunately, AR lenses go a long way to helping you keep on top of your cleaning routine, since they are highly resistant to foreign materials, which really helps to protect your lenses from scratches. On top of this, your glasses are more likely to live to see another day if you drop them or unintentionally place them in the same pocket as your keys.

Moreover, if you’re worried about smudges, fingerprints, or oil stains, then oleophobic coating glasses are your best bet. As these types of glasses are smudge-resistant, you won’t have to wipe them down all the time, which is ideal if you have young children or a job where you’re constantly exposed to these sorts of hindrances.

With that said, before making your next purchase, it’s worth checking out this resource so you can get a better understanding of the various types of AR lenses and their particular benefits.

3. Protect Yourself From UV Rays

Anti-reflective coating can also help protect your eyes from UV rays, which is great, since they can cause considerable damage to your eyes. Unfortunately, if you walk around unprotected, UV rays will travel straight through your retinas into your cornea, which is a major cause of cataracts and photokeratitis.

To make matters worse, while wearing regular glasses, the rays from the sun can sometimes reflect off the back surface of the lens into your eyes, causing even more damage to your eyes – especially over the long run.

The good news is that AR lenses effectively eliminate the reflected light, blocking the UV radiation and protecting your eyes in the process.

4. Enhance Your Appearance

When it is sunny out, the glare from regular lenses can make it difficult for others to see your eyes, which can have a negative effect on how others perceive you.

After all, most people like being able to look into your eyes during a conversation. Furthermore, when you are taking a picture with your friends or on a Zoom call for work, you do not want your glasses to be reflecting light at the people you are talking to. It is distracting and comes off as unprofessional.

With AR coating now taking away the problem of glare, you can be confident every time you put your specs on in the morning.

5. Reduce Exposure to Blue Light Eye Strain

Modern devices like phones, tablets, TVs and computers, each designed for convenience and productivity, have the unfortunate side effect of omitting something known as blue light.

Those who spend a lot of time in front of their screens are exposed to high levels of blue light, which can negatively affect eyesight, according to WebMD. The blue light acts in the same way as UV rays in that it penetrates through to the back of the retina. This intense exposure has the potential to cause irreversible vision damage. Additionally, blue light exposure is linked to poor sleep, which has a massive impact on overall well-being.

The anti-reflective coating shields your eyes from blue light, resulting in improved sleep and less eye strain.


Considering all of these benefits, it’s difficult to think of a logical reason why somebody shouldn’t wear glasses with an anti-reflective coating. They are reliable, versatile, and robust, and they can also help to protect your eyes from harmful light (such as UV rays and blue light). Factoring in the aesthetic benefits on top of this, AR lenses really are a no-brainer.