Modern Houses: A Move towards Rationalism

Architect houses often shape the future. Their design are usually an indication of what is to come next, even if sometimes, they are built, only to be forgotten. But we can predict that the new architectural wave of building rational houses, is here to stay. Here is why.

Integrating the House into its Environment

Whereas before, houses were often built to stand out of the location it was located on, nowadays houses are erected as a part of nature that surrounds it, as much as possible. It only makes sense, since the house can then benefit from it. That is partly why these new houses fall into the category of rationalism. The other reason is the way the rooms are linked between each other.

A House that integrates Sunlight

Benefiting from natural light is one of the most important elements that an architect looks for, when drawing such a house. That is why you will often see large aluminium doors and windows, all around it, but even more so on the side facing the sun, when it is peaking. Since aluminium is light and can be easily molded into any shape, it is the perfect material to mix with glass for such types of windows and doors. You can see samples by visiting

An Energy-efficient House

More houses today benefit from solar energy. By installing solar panels on the roof of the house, it can use this natural energy to light the house in the evening or to warm the water heater. This is a great way to reduce the energy bill. Of course, this comes only as one of the steps to make the house more energy-efficient, which includes adequate insulation of the roof and the floor, as well as using double or triple glass sheets on aluminium windows and doors.

A house opened to the Outdoor

When you create a wall of glass, you automatically bring nature surrounding you, inside the house. But because you can build the wall with aluminium folding doors, you can literally open the house onto the outside terrace, during warm days. It is the perfect way to benefit fully from the garden, as the owner and his guests can move freely from the kitchen, dining room or living room to the terrace.

This link between the outside world and the inside of a house, is one step forward into tomorrow: A world where we will take part of our environment. That is why the rationalist house movement is certainly here to stay.