Tips to Plan a Conventional Funeral with Wood Caskets

Tips to Plan a Conventional Funeral with Wood Caskets

When you lose a nearest and dearest one, you still need to keep your composure and decide regarding funeral arrangements during such a difficult time of grieving in a dignified manner. During this time, selecting the casket is one important task. When it comes to arranging a conventional funeral, a wood casket is indispensable. In other words, it becomes hard to claim that you are running a conventional funeral if you use, by way of a casket making material, anything else than wood.

All this comes up in the context where a beloved one has passed away, and where you are looking to give him or her the most dignified possible send-off. You will want the funeral you give to your loved one to be one that is reflective of his or her life (the way they lived life). Strictly speaking, a funeral is supposed to a celebration of the deceased’s life. Therefore, if the beloved person who has passed away is a person who liked to have things done “in the proper way,”the chances are that a conventional funeral, where everything is done right, according to protocol and tradition, is what would be an ideal funeral for them.

What is a conventional funeral?

In order to understand the reason as to why wood caskets are indispensable in conventional funerals, first, we need to be clear on what exactly is meant by a “conventional funeral.” And this is where it turns out that, in the western cultures at least, a conventional funeral is one where things are done in a standard or protocol-guided manner. This is as opposed to other types of funerals that have evolved, and which can be termed – for want of a better word – as eccentric funerals: where focus is always on doing things creatively or uniquely.

Importance of Wood Caskets in Conventional Funerals

The issue with the latter kind is in the fact that the period of mourning during which funerals are held may not be the most appropriate for shows of eccentric tendencies. It emerges that the conventional format was designed to make sure that the bereaved are comforted in the best way possible, and many of these other evolved funeral kinds may not be very effective at doing so.

Having understood what a conventional funeral is, it further appears that for a conventional funeral to be deemed to have taken place, it is essential for the deceased one to be buried in a wood casket. Therefore, the reason as to why wood caskets are indispensable in conventional funerals is in the fact that without the use of such caskets, a major component of the conventional funeral is removed, and what you remain with can barely be termed as conventional.

Simply put, by tradition, people have always been buried in wood caskets, and burying someone in anything else is “eccentric” and therefore largely disqualifies whatever will be taking from being termed as a “conventional funeral.”

Qualities of Wood Caskets

Different authorities have different takes on what goes into the making of the best wood caskets.

However, there is agreement that an ideal one would be the one made from a reasonably prestigious wood, ideally with features to make it resistant against leaks and punctures.

All wood caskets need to structurally strong. Since the casket is mainly meant to be used in a ceremony, it needs to be reasonably well-designed in terms of aesthetics but should not be extravagantly rendered. The ideal colors for wood caskets are matters of personal preferences, although it is often better to go with the colors that best celebrate the deceased’s personality.

If you are considering the type of funeral where it is the deceased’s relatives and friends that personally lower the casket into the grave, go for a reasonably light one.

The Cost of Wood Caskets

There is a very huge variation in terms of price. The prices are set based on the wood type used in making the caskets, the effort that goes into coming up with the design, the store where you buy it, among others.

You will find wood caskets among the cheapest ones, just as some also make it into the list of the most expensive ones. In other words, whatever your funeral budget is, chances are that you can surely find an affordable wood casket. When it comes to the high-end wood caskets, you need to avoid paying high prices “just for the sake of it.” If you have to pay more for a wood casket, see what exactly you will be getting in terms of extra value for the extra money you pay.

Advantages of Using Wood Caskets

Without a doubt, they tend to be amongst the most aesthetically appealing type. They are also amongst the most environmentally friendly because the material they are made of is easily biodegradable. Thus, although making them means decimating trees, that is much easier to mitigate by planting more trees, than attempting to deal with the effects of having people buried in materials that are not easily biodegradable.

It helps that the wood caskets are also quite prestigious, so that through them, you can give a dignified send-off to your beloved ones.

The lower-end caskets are also amongst the most affordable.

Tips to Buy a Wood Casket

There are at least three ways in which you can buy them for use in your conventional funeral.

  1. The first is by simply visiting a brick-and-mortar casket store, and buying your wood casket from there.
  2. The second way to get wood caskets is by visiting one of the online stores that deal in them, selecting one there, and waiting to have it shipped to you (which, depending on where you are, can sometimes be done within a day).
  3. The third way is by instructing the funeral director if you are engaging the services of such a professional to source it for you. Just give him or her the specs, and chances are that you will get one delivered to you in a timely manner and cost-effectively. That is because most of these funeral directors tend to maintain close ties with the makers of wood caskets.

Simply choose one of the options, and we are sure that you will be find a quality wood casket.

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