Want to crack the NEET exam? Avoid these blunders

As the NEET test approaches, applicants are often terrified by the prospect of studying to compete against lakhs of other students. Given the complexities and importance of the NEET test, an aspirant should not leave any stone unattended. So, make sure you are familiar with the NEET test pattern and are aware of the NEET-UG Tips & Tricks that will help you prepare. 

Also, NEET candidates should be aware of the possible faults they are prone to making in the test and learn from the mistakes of their elders so that they do not repeat the same. 

Following are the most common mistake one does while preparing for NEET 

  • Neglecting NCERT books 

Don’t fall into the trap of neglecting the NCERT curriculum. All preparation should be centred around NCERT. Make sure you have a thorough curriculum. If you feel you’ve read enough, you’ll find more explorations. Read, practice, and repeat until the final day.  

  • Stay fit 

Yes, the NEET exam takes a lot of time and attention, but don’t neglect your health. If you are not healthy, you cannot study well for the exam. Don’t give up on your hobbies. Design your schedule so that you have time to relax and refresh your mind.  

  • Reckless preparation day and night  

Think about NEET preparation and let go of all the distractions of your life until you complete the NEET exam. If you find yourself distracted or annoyed by something, remove the potential obstacle. You need to ignore them and train your mind to recognize your goals in the NEET exam.   

  • Zero dedication towards NEET 

Don`t lose focus! Remember these words and follow them religiously. Give your complete devotion to your exam preparation coupled with dedication, you can reach your goal of being a doctor.  

  • Referring too many books 

This can be a big mistake. Students tend to consume a lot of information because they don’t want to miss anything important, which is often not necessary and not important. To do this, they refer to a pile of books. This practice should be abandoned immediately. NCERT must be your go to book. See the relevant sources separately. That’s enough. Reading from multiple sources can obscure the information provided and cause confusion when running tests. Stay with one source and master it. 7580% of the questions are asked in the NCERT curricula in grades 11 and 12. Refer the below link – Question Paper with Solutions of Code AA 

NEET 2018 Question Paper with Solutions and Answers Keys for Code-AA (vedantu.com) 

  •  Focusing only on your favourite subject

NEET is primarily for biology enthusiasts. Some students may dislike physics and chemistry, but that is an inevitable part of NEET. Instead of focusing on all subjects, some seek to master biology, leaving physics and chemistry behind. Avoid this practice.  Biology helps crack NEETs, but keep in mind that the physics and chemistry sections determine your rank and therefore the colleges you may eventually enter. Therefore, please note that all sections have the same weight. 

  •  Don’t lose hope

Weekly / daily tests are important. They reflect our knowledge of the topic and evaluate our skills. You must understand that these are sources of information for assessing your own learning. Analyse your performance and then learn. Don’t let the repeated low scores on these tests discourage you. In many cases, those with consistently low scores are much better in real-world tests. So, keep working hard and set higher goals for yourself.  

  • Clear your basics 

Without a solid foundation, you can’t build a multi-layer structure. Similarly, the basic concepts in each section of NEET provide a platform for building concepts. Clearing NEET is impossible without a complete understanding of the concept. So, if you think you can break NEET by memorizing and reading concepts from the surface using memorization techniques, you need to burst the bubble. Clarify your concept as a priority. This will help a lot in the long run.   

  • Do one thing at a time 

Being a multitasker is great, but it can be the wrong step when it comes to preparing for NEET. Stick to the one thing at a time guidelines.  

Avoid social media involvement and television while studying. When you sit down and study, you’ll stay in the right position, find a remote place, and be free from thought. Please be sure to study alone. Avoid other jobs while studying.  


Last year’s sample work, sample tests, and NEET surveys are undoubtedly an important part of preparation. However, candidates often focus only on trying the NTANEET practice exam. Analysis of the NEET practice exam is just as important as NEETUG preparation. Candidates are repeatedly encouraged to read the NEET2022 exam template before preparing for the entrance exam. According to the NEET exam test pattern, candidates will receive 4 points for each correct question. However, grades will be deducted for each question the candidate answers incorrectly. Negative scores on the NEET 2022 exam play an important role in the success of candidates in the exam. Negative markings increase the difficulty of NEETUG many times. Therefore, to crack NEET 2022, candidates must do hard work in addition to intelligent work.  

 If you have taken up mock tests or appeared for NEET already, you must be conversant with the repercussions of negative marking. Just for the sake of attempting questions or to see the OMR sheet filled, students bubble the OMR with mere guesswork.  

Remember, a difference of even one mark can cost you a hundred ranks. Avoid this completely. 

With this we hope you crack your NEET exams with very good marks and keep coming back for more such informational blogs.