Saturday, February 24, 2024

Ashley-Edison (UK) Limited | Organisational Restructuring Now Sinalda UK Limited

To meet the anticipated challenges of a post-pandemic world and the changing needs of our customers and stakeholders from 07 January 2022,  Ashley-Edison (UK) Limited has rebranded by way of a name change to Sinalda UK Limited.
The operations run out of Singapore will continue to trade under the Ashley-Edison brand name and both companies (Ashley-Edison Asia Pte Limited and Sinalda UK Limited) operate as totally separate/independent operations.

Commenting on the announcement, Alan Dover, Chairman of Sinalda UK Limited, said “In the post-Brexit and Covid world, where new international trading conditions and ‘norms’ are emerging, this realignment and refocusing of resources should unlock a new era of opportunity and growth for our business.”

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