Samuel Freshfields Increases Appeal to Donors by Creating a Multi-Asset Charity Income Fund

The company’s fund will follow environmental, social and governance (ESG) and ethical guidelines
Samuel Freshfields, a next generation investment company that aims to give its clients access to a broad range of financial instruments, promoting the highest standards of integrity, responsibility, and competence to produce a highly personalized counseling process, is pleased to announce the creation of a new investment fund, the Samuel Freshfields Income and Growth Charitable Fund, that will encourage philanthropists among the firm’s clients to increase their engagement in charity giving endeavors. The new fund is expected to also grow the number of clients involved in charitable behavior. 
Samuel Freshfields’ new mandate will have a multi-asset approach and will engage in investment products such as equities, bonds and alternative asset classes, both locally and globally. The Samuel Freshfields Income and Growth Charitable Fund will be managed by the firm’s experts in the field, however, the Supervising Authority Figure, overseeing the project’s development and implementation, will be Mr. Patrick Lim, Chief Executive Officer and President of the Samuel Freshfields Foundation.
“We are aware that our donors are very keen on inflation protection with a reasonable level of capital growth. This fact is matching perfectly with our entire enterprise, as this is one of the core philosophies of how we manage all our client’s assets here at Samuel Freshfields. We received increasing demand from donors of all sizes for a fund that provides access to global investment opportunities on a direct basis. We particularly wanted to provide our investment expertise in a charity-friendly program that appeals even to the smaller category of clients with low charity budgets and we feel that we have succeeded in presenting just that with our new fund,” said Mr. Lim.
In addition to environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations, the Samuel Freshfields Income and Growth Charitable Fund will incorporate an ethical investment approach, excluding investments in gambling, tobacco, weapons and armament of any kind, and any carbon emission industry products.
Samuel Freshfields will also appoint an executive manager for the entire project, having at this moment a pre-selected list of 3 candidates from within the company. The name of the new fund’s executive manager will be announced officially very shortly. 

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Samuel Freshfields is a next generation investment company that aims to give its clients access to a broad range of financial instruments and markets as well as professional advice to maximize returns. Samuel Freshfields’ investment advisory and brokerage services are multidisciplinary, allowing the company to devise custom strategies and deliver exceptional results for our clients. The company’s major goal has been to work hand-in-hand with clients to meet their investment needs. While many financial firms push one-size-fits-all products, Samuel Freshfields strives to coordinate the fundamental disciplines of the company’s dividend-growth philosophy with the unique needs of our clients regarding the growth, use and preservation of their wealth.

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