Legal ways to Earn Bitcoins without making any investment

In this decade there is the talk of cryptocurrencies everywhere around the world. Almost everyone knows about cryptocurrencies but very few invest in the trade of bitcoins because of the huge amount of money required for the owning or mining of bitcoin. Those people who want to mine a bitcoin have to arrange the system required for the mining of the bitcoin. And the value of the money required for the owning of bitcoin is very high. The value of 1 bitcoin is almost about to reach $100K. And due to its value, it is one of the most expensive assets in the crypto world.

With the high price or the large amount of money required for the purchase of the bitcoin the person hesitates to invest in the trade but doesn’t worry about various other ways using which one can earn free bitcoins. If you are interested in bitcoin trading check the facts and figures about bitcoin and cryptocurrencies .

In this article, we will discuss such ways which can help people to get bitcoins for free. These methods ensure the earning of the number of bitcoins but it does not guarantee a huge amount of earning and requires a great amount of leisure time.

Becoming Affiliate

One can earn free bitcoins by becoming an affiliate for any kind of platform which deals in cryptocurrency. In this type of way you have to give your time in sharing the platform link or URL through your social media handles to your friends and families and other responsible audience. just like other company affiliates who get a share or commission by sharing the link or coupon code crypto platform affiliates also get a commission when the friends or audience click on the link and set up their account for the bitcoin exchange. The affiliate sometimes gets an extra commission if the person coming due to their influence extends their term with the platform or buys their premium memberships. Not all the platforms give money to the affiliates but there are several crypto platforms giving commission for such work like Coinbase, Binance, Coinswitch, etc.


If you are doing freelancing you can get free bitcoins. This can be done by asking the customer to pay you in bitcoins because several platforms pay to the freelancer in the form of bitcoins. The employer can also get paid in bitcoins if the company deals with them but for that, you have to ask the employer or you have to check whether your company falls under that category.

Bitcoin Faucet

Various websites are paying in bitcoins which are known as bitcoin Faucets. They do not give you the full bitcoin they give you the fraction of bitcoin and are the ensured earning platform. It does not require any hard work or capital because they just ask you to complete some tasks to earn the bitcoin. The tasks are not that difficult, the tasks are like you have to fill out some forms or make the forms and answer some questions. Various platforms give a fraction of bitcoins to the person if he plays the game and completes the task given by the platform. There are various legit bitcoin Faucets available in the world.

Some platforms give bitcoins to the person if he answers the questions asked regarding cryptocurrency. Some platforms like Steemit give bitcoin if the person creates awareness about the cryptocurrency. These were some of the legit ways to earn bitcoin for free without any large amount of Capital.