Our 7 Best Spring-Cleaning Tips of All Time

When spring arrives, we’re busy making plans and creating activities checklists. But spring cleaning is more important. A solid spring cleaning creates a fresh and clean atmosphere inside your house.

Everything should be thoroughly cleaned from floors to ceilings, to make your house tidy. That’s why with the suggestions from Cleanzen Philadelphia, we’ve come up with some fantastic cleaning tips during the spring.

Make a Plan for Cleaning

Some areas need more cleaning time while others need less. Inspect your home conditions and determine whether you’ve missed any spots during the previous cleaning.

Write down essential spots which need deep cleaning. Planning everything will ease your cleaning tasks. Don’t go here and there. Finish one room and then go another.

Keep Cleaning Equipment & Products ready 

Several cleaning products and equipment are necessary to clean the house. Keeping everything ready at least before one week appears fine. You may need essential things like a HEPA vacuum, cloths, sponges, mops and squeegees, buckets and bowls, dustpan and brushes, etc.

It’s better to list everything you need before going through the cleaning session. It’ll save you time. The cleaning procedure will be more productive.

Use Natural Products for Spring Clean

Keep yourself away from toxins and chemical products. Steam cleaners can be a practical and safe choice to clean various things inside and outside the home. When steam cleaners are unavailable, use toxin-free products such as vinegar and baking soda for deep yet safe cleaning.

Start from Top to Bottom

Cleaning is the first thing you should give your hands for deep spring cleaning. All the residues and dust will come down to the floor. Thus, it’ll be easy to remove all the household dirt.

Additionally, homeowners don’t have to clean the same thing repeatedly. When using a vacuum cleaner, start the cleaning session from the ceilings and fans. Next, clean the furniture and other items and finish it through floor cleaning.

Don’t Neglect Windows & Walls

Just like you clean your house ceilings and floors, don’t the walls and windows need some attention too? They also accumulate lots of dust from the outside environment.

Use a damp rug to wipe all walls and windows of your home. Don’t forget to clean the outside part of the windows. Utilize a steam cleaner instead of chemical cleaners to clean them safely.

Curtains & Blinds Require Some Attention Too

Many people forget to clean or don’t pay heed to clean curtains and blinds. They collect a large amount of dirt and dust. You can dry wash or machine washes various curtains. Also, many vacuum cleaners are suitable for cleaning fabric blinds and curtains.

Take Care of the Mattress

Floor mattresses collect a surprising quantity of hair, dirt, and dusts over time. Cleaning them regularly using a vacuum cleaner is essential. Make sure to remove mattresses from the floor to clean the floor too profoundly. Use a stain remover and a damp rug to eliminate spots on the floor. You can use soda with water to provide a fresh smell.


Hopefully, these practical cleaning tips will help you clean your house more effectively and effortlessly. Your spring cleaning experience will be more convenient for following these hacks. Happy Cleaning!

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