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How can package lockers improve student satisfaction?

 Earlier, students received care packages or catalogue mail orders, say once or twice a semester. Once received, someone at the mail centre manually logged the details. And, finally, the recipient came to collect the same within the stipulated time frame.

Now, this old system is problematic. Hence the call for an upgrade. Annually, students spend over USD 8.4 billion on eCommerce shopping. Also, campus shipping volumes are increasing by around 15 per cent. The problem, you ask? Mail centres are a pre-eCommerce feature.

The struggle is real. But, you need not fret. Package lockers are on the way to save the day. 

A case in point: University College Oxford

Among one of the first academies in the English-speaking world, University College Oxford is renowned and revered globally. An education stalwart of sorts, it did come across the several 21st-century issues of voluminous packages, intensive labour for tracking, emailing and handling deliveries, and an overfilled storage room. One such task was manually sending out email alerts to students about their packages.

However, University College Oxford revamped its package handling system by installing over 90 smart lockers outdoors. 

A quick run-through on package lockers

Given the rise in eCommerce shopping, it begs to ask this question. Package lockers are sophisticated and upgraded versions of the traditional mailbox; they are digital and integrated systems. These resolve the biggest issue of all – safety. Each locker comprises built-in cameras that record deliveries and pickup, mitigating theft. 

The features

With these lockers, students get instant delivery notifications via text or email on their smartphones. Students no longer need to make wasteful trips to the mailroom or centre. What’s more, the lockers render easy pickup via tech. Students can now collect the parcels at their convenience, no matter the time. All they need is a barcode or pickup code and retrieve the package. Also, the lockers can be installed indoors or outdoors or a blend of both. Package lockers can also provide a unique touch or feel. Universities and campuses can opt for custom wraps comprising select colours or aesthetics. Doing so can uplift the overall atmosphere and the spirit at the universities.

 Student parcel delivery system amid the pandemic

Colleges across the globe were impacted severely by the pandemic, given the closures and mandates. A further complication was the need for social distancing. No longer is queuing up at the mail centre or distribution a mere inconvenience, but rather a potential health risk.

In this light, the University of Ohio worked up a solution. The campus has installed smart lockers in its three mailrooms. Doing so enabled them to conquer the safety concerns. Here’s how! The system renders contactless delivery as student mail only gets delivered to the three primary locations. What’s more, the process saves considerable time for all the parties involved.

Next, we delve into how package lockers can enhance student satisfaction.


Unique selling points for college and campus students

24/7 on-demand servicing

Today, on-demand is no longer an exception or an option but rather a standard expectation. And package lockers offer that seamlessly. With time limits and schedules out of the way, there is no need for 24/7 staffing. Whether parcels and packages, bookstore requisitions or IT services, on-demand accessibility apply to all. This system provides students with the autonomy and freedom to collect the item.

With that said, on-demand or round-the-clock services that render sheer convenience towards campus life are a must-have. 

User-friendly student experience

Although college experience is primarily focused on academic prowess, there is also the fact that several students reside away from their homely confines for the first time. They need to feel at home. One way is to deploy automated services technology such as package lockers support. It eases the transition to campus life. 

In addition to comfort, convenience and security benefits, enhanced services radiate an unspoken message: We care. And this is a sentiment that most often resonates with all the interested stakeholders – parents, students, faculty and donors. 

Paves the way for a fully hybrid campus

In the internet era, college life also occurs off-campus. About 41 per cent of students enrol online courses while registered with a campus. What’s more, non-traditional students are swarming your campuses and commuting to classes. This calls for professors imparting lessons to several institutions remotely. Add to this the unexpected shutdowns that have been apparent over the last two years. The value of the secure and contactless distribution of technology, books and other educational resource materials is unprecedented. 

Renders enterprise-level support

Parents have high expectations for on-campus amenities. For instance, if they send care packages from their homes or re-route an online purchase to the campus address, many will keep a tab on deliveries. You do not want bottlenecks at your mail centres.

What’s more, parents expect all student services to be online, digital. And most of all, secure and convenient. This is where package lockers come to the rescue by helping the administrative staff adhere to the expectations. 

Promotion of health protocols

Understandably so, parents get concerned when sending children off into the new world. The typical questions are, ‘Is the dorm comfortable?’, ‘Will my child get nutritious and quality food?’ And most of all, ‘Is the campus secure?’

To these, you can add the concern for health and safety protocols. Again, package locker services help wipe away this worry to some extent. A contactless delivery solution takes care of health, safety and social distancing into account. 

At the end of the day

Note that the package and delivery handling issue will not wither away anytime soon. Nonetheless, high-tech package lockers are an excellent solution for universities, staff and students. Another aspect is the ongoing pandemic. There is a growing need for contactless student parcel delivery services.

Also, robotics is the big talk of the town. And the future shall see these implemented in some way or the other. Time will tell!