CamScanner Empowers the Development of Digital Education During the Epidemic

CamScanner Empowers the Development of Digital Education During the Epidemic

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, many universities and schools have no choice but to offer online classes. As a result, teachers have to upload their teaching materials online while students have to upload their homework and even finish the exams online. Scanning apps become extremely useful under such a situation. CamScanner, as one of the world’s leading scanning apps, offers excellent scanning features and is favored by teachers and students. In this way, CamScanner is empowering the development of digital education.

The education industry has long sought to use emerging technologies to innovate and enhance the learning process, but the COVID-19 epidemic has spurred digital transformation in education even further, with major increase in e-learning and remote-teaching.

CamScanner, powered by industry-leading mobile scanning and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology, enables users to scan, edit, and manage physical documents more effectively using their mobile phones or tablets. Users may also convert PDF files to Excel, Word, JPG, and PPT, and vice versa.

Students have long regarded CamScanner as a crucial tool for digitizing documents, such as scanning and uploading homework and assignments to Google Classroom. The app is also suggested for scanning school registration forms, identification cards, and other tangible papers into digital versions.

To better contribute to the development of digital education and empower students and teachers, CamScanner has launched a CamScanner for Education program during the Covid-19 pandemic., which grants access to the premium version of its product for free to universities in several countries. Students and teachers may use the CamScanner app to authenticate their educational identification and receive a free upgrade to premium access, which includes 10GB of cloud storage, an ad-free experience, no watermark on scans, the ID scan function, the ability to convert photos to Excel, etc.

It’s a gift that CamScanner gives to the whole society in response to user’s favor. In the past year, CamScanner education accounts have been used by over 1,500,000 students and instructors from 9,000 schools. By providing free premium accounts to universities, CamScanner is empowering education throughout the world.

Students and educators can activate their EDU account privilege by using an email address that ends in “.edu” to validate their educational identity. When an education account is authenticated, the School Circle function on the app becomes active. Students and instructors can also ask peers to join CamScanner by sharing the school circle. When a school has more than 20 verified education accounts, all of this school’s education accounts will be elevated to premium automatically.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to activate the EDU account on CamScanner app.

  1. Open the CamScanner APP, click Me — Profile Pic — ‘Education Benefit’
  2. Click [Account]
  3. Click [Education Benefits].
  4. Click Verify
  5. Follow the instruction to enter your country, school name, school email, and other required information.
  6. Click Verify Now. You will then receive a verification code in your email. Enter the verification code on CamScanner to complete your verification.
  7. Your School Circle page on the app will be activated once your education account is verified. You may share the page and invite your peers to join the program.
  8. Once a school has more than 20 verified education accounts, all of the education accounts at that school will be automatically upgraded to premium with full access to 30 benefits.

For university teachers or faculty members who intend to apply for CamScanner free premium access on behalf of their organization,they can also contact CamScanner for instructions by emailing

CamScanner is a mobile application that scans photos and documents on both iOS and Android smartphones. It was released for the first time in 2011. This application has deep editing capabilities, such as the features to extract text, create notes, and add watermarks or signatures to documents, as well as a variety of file type conversions.

CamScanner is currently used by over 550 million people in over 200 nations and regions. It was named “the greatest scanning app on the phone” by It has been formally invited to appear at the Microsoft Tech Summit. It’s a fantastic scanning tool that’s well-liked by both users and the market.

The pandemic’s new normal has accelerated the evolution of digital education and learning. CamScanner will continue to support students and teachers with up-to-date scanning technologies to empower the development of digital education.