Youtube success story

YouTube was founded in February 2005 by three developers Chad Hurley, Steve Chen and Javed Karim. At the time of the hosting launch, they were all PayPal employees.

Hurley came up with the idea of ​​creating a service where you could watch videos without hindrance. He was unable to send his friend the video filmed on the phone. Programmers Chen and Karim took over the development, while Hurley himself drew the logo and interface. The first logo looked like an emblem with the two words You (written in black) and Tube (written in white against a red square with highlights and a gradient).

The first years of work

At first, YouTube was a non-profit site. Only when the number of subscribers reached 9 million did the first advertisement appear. In late 2005, large investments were raised, and the co-founder of PayPal joined YouTube’s board of directors.

The year 2006 began with the most significant growth in the service and received another $ 8 million in investment. In the summer of that year, 65,000 videos were uploaded to the site, and the number of views increased to 100 million daily. At that time, the videos were watched by an audience aged 12 to 17 years.

Google and YouTube: A Common History

Google buys YouTube in November 2006 for $ 1.65 billion. The company begins to invest in a promising resource of funds, seeking to obtain benefits. It’s hard to believe, but at that time YouTube was not generating revenue at all.

The search for sources of monetization leads Apple and Amazon to start selling music via YouTube. Then content from large holdings was introduced – films, TV shows, serials. Subsequently, a paid YouTube Red subscription is also introduced, which later (in 2018) will be renamed Premium.

What did it lead to? The service reached one billion views daily (October 2009). In May 2010, there were 2 billion views. 2012 ends with 4 billion views every day.

At that time, 72 hours of video appeared on the site every minute. In 2019, this figure has already reached 300 hours with over 5 billion views.

YouTube’s latest advances

The site ranks third in the world in popularity, it is possible that will overshadow modern television. Already, the platform has broadcasts of concerts, lectures and seminars. The site has become a desirable place for the development of video bloggers, because you can earn a lot of money there.

The dramatic changes begin with the 2017 YouTube logo update. Developers compose a single word, but each part is capitalized. To the left of the logo, a red “Play” button was added. It indicates the specifics of the site – viewing and downloading videos. The figure is made in the form of a smoothed rectangle, slightly reduced in size.