How To Lower Staff Stress

  1. Figure out the particular roles, responsibilities and task of each staff member

In order to reduce and manage the stress of your employees, you will need to have a better understanding of what each employee is doing and what they are juggling. For example, you should know if they are having

problems adapting to new work methods, if they are having problems with a project etc. You should always keep track of which employee is working on what as well as their responsibilities. Try this work schedule maker. This will allow you to easily identify persons who have workloads that are too heavy. 

  1. Provide training at work on time management

One of the main reasons behind stress at work is bad time management. However, by providing coaching, it will improve work/life balance as well as increase your employee’s productivity. This will actually make your staff much happier and more efficient.

  1. Have an open door policy

It is extremely important to have good communication with your employees. This means that they should feel comfortable to come and discuss any problems they are having at work. If you don’t have an open door policy, this will make your employees feel a lot more hesitant to talk about their issues. This can cause many problems to get out of control when they could have easily been resolved with a discussion. There are many companies that actually do 10 to 15 minute meetings on Friday evenings in order to discuss the weeks achievements.

  1. Create an enjoyable work space

In the event that you have a small budget, it can appear like an extravagance to invest in your work/office environment. With that said, there are many small things that you can do to improve the work environment. For example, you can do the following in your office:

– Make sure it is always neat and clean

– Has facilities to make various drinks

– Properly lit with a lot of natural light

– Plants for beautification

– An outdoor space with garden furniture and lighting to spend some time in the air of the space allows.

– Comfortable temperature that is neither too cold or too hot

It is also a good idea to start a stress buster session as this has become quite popular with many employers. This is where you hold a coffee break at work throughout the day. Everyone essentially stops working and rests at intervals during the day for a short period. You can get more creative with these breaks and even hold table football or other game in a communal part of the office.

  1. Make sure your staff has time to deal with personal and family issues

You should always strive to be as flexible as you can with your staff, especially when it comes to their family and personal issues. Keep in mind that these are usually sensitive problems and you should give them enough time to deal with them.