Books and Essays: What New Literary Discoveries Await Us in 2022

The New York City, NY proudly hosted the Pulitzer Prize 2021, where winners of various categories of literary work were awarded. From reporting on the covid pandemic to investigative stories about dangerous truck drivers, the list of winners was long.

The Pulitzer Prize that was established in 1917 awards winners for literature writing, music composition, journalism, and other types of literature. There are many other prizes and competitions awarded to outstanding individuals for their unique literary work. Here are some of the discoveries that await you in 2022.

The Bridport Prize 2022

The Bridport Prize is a literary work competition that awards outstanding writers. The prize awards competitions in the field of poetry, flash fiction, short stories, and novels. This year, The Bridport Prize has announced a competition for novel writing.

The top winner will receive a top price of £1,500 and on top of that, they will be mentored by The Literary Consultancy. They will also have an opportunity to consult with an agent of literature and their name will appear in The Bridport Prize anthology. The novel should be between five thousand to eight thousand words long and include a three-hundred-word synopsis on The Bridport Prize site. The entry fee for the competition is £20.

As a student writer, you have unlimited opportunities to present your literary creativity around the world. You can write an essay, novel, poem, and many other types of literature. During your college education, you have better chances to learn writing skills through the assignments your teacher gives you. It might not be easy to perfect your skills but there is a useful site where you can read essays for inspiration. Samplius offers To Kill A Mockingbird essays to get inspired before writing a paper. Students who have learned to seek inspiration from other writers perform better and also learn to use a writing tool correctly.

Elegant Literature Short Fiction Contest

The Elegant Literature Short Fiction Contest is a contest by Elegant Literature, a fiction magazine that publishes its works online. It focuses on uplifting new writers to rise and become top writers. Their short story contest is awarding a total of $20,000. Its earliest competition is Dire Days, created for new writers only with a top prize of $3,000. Dire days stories focus on a fast-approaching end of the world where a lot of people keep worrying about the future, bad economies, wars, environmental destruction, etc.

The Almond Press competitions 2022

The Almond Press has a list of competitions that will run throughout 2022. The list features flash fiction, short stories, and poetry competitions. They have another list for essays competitions, screenwriting, and novels. Each competition has its minimum number of words, entry fees, maximum words, prize, and deadline.

The list for January starts with an international competition on poetry. Writers should write 10-50 lines and pay a £5 entry fee. The top price is £1,000. Other competitions for 2022 are the 2022 Colorado prize for poetry, the Story to Screen Play, Law essay competition, etc.

The 2022 Yeovil Literary Price

The 2022 Yeovil Literary Prize is for writers above 16 years old. The price has five categories, namely novels, short stories, poetry, children’s novels, and general writing. Prices range between £250 – £1,250. This is an international competition where any writer from any part of the world can participate after paying an entry fee of between £5 to £14.50.

Pen American Literary Awards 2022

The long list of Pen American Literary Awards 2022 is already out. The list contains over 100 translators and writers from which the shortlist for finalists will be announced in the first quarter of 2022. The winners come from various categories such as novels, essays, translations, short stories, science writing, and biography.

The list includes both established and new writers at all phases of growth. The awards will be in cash prizes totaling over $350,000. Pen American has existed since 2022 and its goal then was to help writers coming out of the first world war. At that time, Pen American was awarding writers for poems, essays, and novels but today, it honors a wide range of literary works.


Each year, writers release new books that portray unique creativity and specific themes relevant to readers. New writers come up with new literature as old writers add to their list of literary work. Some many organizations and individuals encourage writers to go on with their creativity in literature. They announce major competitions with attractive prizes. 2022 has a long list of announcements already made that every writer can discover and take advantage of the opportunity.