5 Best sites to play Mahjong and 247 Solitaire Online Free

Are you always intrigued by Mahjong but in the same way you were overwhelmed by its complicated rules? We’re going to show ways to take part in Mahjong for no cost online and learn the fascinating Chinese table game on your own speed and at the convenience of your own home.

It’s unclear when was the first time Mahjong played. The oldest historical records point to the 1880s. However, many experts and avid Mahjong players believe that the game Mahjong game is more than 2500 years old. This makes Mahjong an extremely old games on a board around the globe.

What is certain is that it was once an extremely well-known games on the board, which was played by players from all over China and remains extremely loved even to this day.

There are numerous regional variations of Mahjong that each have their own rules. What all variations of Mahjong share is Mahjong tiles that are based on Chinese symbols and characters. In general, Mahjong is played with 144 tiles. However, sometimes tiles can be added, or taken out.

Mahjong is a term that has been used for a long time. Mahjong has been believed to come from an ancient Chinese word that means “sparrow,” referring to the sound that twittering Mahjong tiles make when they are shuffled.

How do I Play Mahjong?

Mahjong is a game played by four players that is played using 144 tiles which are based off Chinese character and symbolism, and like poker cards. Mahjong tiles can be divided in three types:

  • Circles
  • Bamboos
  • Chinese characters

Each suite is comprised of four sets of tiles numbered (1 to 9) each, making an overall total of 36 tiles per suite. Alongside the three suits described above there are two distinct suites called dragon and wind. They contain 3 sets of Dragon tiles as well as 4 sets of Wind tiles, respectively. Certain variations of Mahjong also include bonus tiles featuring the four season and four blooms however, the game itself is playable without them.

To win in a game of Mahjong players must make a mahjong which comprises of four melds as well as a pair. Melds are different combinations of tiles. Likewise, two identical tiles make up the form of a pair. There are three kinds of Melds:

  • Pong It is three identical tiles.
  • Kong contains an identical set of tiles.
  • Chow A set of three tiles identical to each other.

The game Mahjong begins with the players rolling the dice to determine who will play first. The player who has the highest number of rolls is the dealer. The player who is to the right of the dealer is the first to play.

The first task of dealers is lay the tiles on the table, and then shuffle the tiles around. The dealer distributes the 13 tiles to every participant while leaving the rest of the tiles on the middle at the center of the table. The tiles left unaltered are then drawing pile.

The first player gets an extra tile to begin the game. Through the course of the game, the players alternate to draw and to discard tiles. Every player has to have 13 tiles available in their hands.

The good thing for those who don’t speak Chinese can be that they do not have to know the tiles’ symbols. All they have to do is discern the differences between them.

The Best Websites where you can play Mahjong Games Online for Free

To play Mahjong it is not necessary to buy a costly Mahjong set or convince three people to join in with you. All you require are our suggestions of websites which allow you to play for free Mahjong games on the internet, which includes several variants of Mahjong solitaire.

1. solitaire 247

The no-cost internet-based version of Mahjong offered by onlinemahjong247 is, in my opinion, the best method to start playing this exciting Chinese game. All you have to do is visit the website using any browser that can play Flash and read the rules. They are explained clearly on the same page which means you can check them out anytime while playing.

In this online version of Mahjong game, you are playing against an artificial intelligence and no real players. On one side, playing against an AI can make the game less intimidating. However, the AI is not without limitations, and skilled players are able to quickly surpass it.

As of the date of writing this article, all major browsers are blocking Flash applications or looking to block them within the next few days. If you’re having difficulty with Mahjong in the Flash Version of Mahjong that is offered by onlinemahjong247 we suggest that installing the Firefox browser and change Shockwave Flash to Always Activate. This can be done in the Preferences/Options -> Extensions and themes -> plugins and then Shockwave Flash.

2. 247solitaire

247solitaire is described as an online leader in Mahjong community, with over 600 million users around the world. While it’s difficult to know the number of users MahjongTime.com has however, it’s clear that it’s among the most well-known sites offering free Mahjong games online.

247solitaire is available in English, Spanish, French, Russian, Japanese, Chinese as well as a number of other languages. It provides a variety of different variations of Mahjong Classical European/Chinese, Riichi, Taiwanese, American and Zung Jung. Mahjong Time also offers its trademark Quick Mahjong two-day tournaments which provide the game of Mahjong available to even players who aren’t prepared to dedicate a lot of time to it.

It’s not necessary to download a software in order to enjoy Mahjong on 247solitaire however, there is an available download version with real-time 3D graphics available for Windows as well as Mac computers which you can download for no cost if you feel the web-based experience to be disappointing.

3. 247 Mahjong

247 Mahjong is the most viewed online version for free of Mahjong solitaire available on the internet.

It is a variant of Mahjong solitaire: Classic Mahjong, Pyramini Mahjong, Harmony Mahjong, Fish Mahjong, Bridge Mahjong, Twin Peaks Mahjong, Tri Peaks Mahjong, Hollow Mahjong the H Mahjong, Teeth Mahjong, Gate Mahjong and many more.

247 Mahjong is ideal for beginners’ users of Mahjong solitaire, as it can offer helpful suggestions at the click of one button and make it simple to get through potentially difficult situations.

4. Mahjong Online

Mahjong Online Mahjong Online is huge collection of Mahjong-inspired games which work with any modern browser. The aim is to take all the pieces of the game board, by matching tiles. The tiles are then exposed.

If you are able to eliminate any tiles on the table, you’ll be rewarded. However, be cautious as it is possible to end up in the point where all tile pairs are inaccessible. In that case it’s over and you must restart the game.

In Mahjong Online, you can play for amusement or compete with other players for the top score. Don’t be apprehensive about other players to allow you to achieve the top of the leaderboard, because they won’t.

5. Mahjong.com

It is available in a variety of languages. Mahjong.com provides a wide range of colorful Mahjong-inspired games, including Hello Kitty Mahjong, Christmas Triple Mahjong, Frozen Mahjong, Mahjong Solitaire, Mahjong Dimensions and more.

All Mahjong games available on Mahjong.com can be played on tablets, desktops as well as smartphones (Android, iOS, Windows Mobile). Mahjong.com allows you to browse Mahjong games according to category, and also offers an easy search feature that lets you find the game you want to play by its name. The majority of games played on Mahjong.com utilize HTML5 and work with or without Flash.

6. Mahjong-challenge.com

Mahjong-Challenge lets users play Mahjong for free right in their web browser. You can read up on the rules and strategies for the game at the bottom of the page or learn as you go. Choose a randomized game or restart the current game you’re playing to get another chance to beat the computer. In addition, you can get unlimited undos and redos to help you perfect your strategy.

7. Solitairebliss.com

SolitaireBliss has 28 game variants of 11 distinct solitaire games available to play for free. The different games are Solitaire (Klondike), Spider Solitaire, Freecell, Pyramid, Tripeaks, Scorpion, Eight Off, Yukon, Golf, Forty Thieves, and Memory. Other unique features of the website include unlimited undos and hints, a variety of card designs, autocomplete, and personal record tracking.