How A Love Story And A Burnt Down Warehouse Helped 1000 Entrepreneurs Start Up New Businesses

Startup Streams, an accidental start up, surpasses their first 1000 customer milestone

Alongside Coca-Cola, Kellogg’s and Ferrari, Startup Streams is the newest business to add to the ‘accidental start up’ list after a warehouse in the UK burnt down. The soon-to-be Startup Streams founder Eddie Eastman was working at the warehouse, but when he no longer had a job after the fire, he decided to travel to Indonesia where he met his girlfriend, Nadya. 

After some time spent in Bali and needing to return to the UK due to an expired visa, Eddie was determined to get back out to Bali as soon as possible to see his girlfriend. He decided to use his graphic and web design skills to sell pre-made businesses with products to sell to help lower the barriers to entrepreneurship for those wanting to get into business but not knowing where to start.

“I have always been involved with entrepreneurial projects since age 12, when I launched a skateboard sticker business whilst at school. I have always had a side hustle on the go, but wanted to throw myself at a full time venture to get out to Bali as soon as I could” Eddie stated. 

Within a few days, Eddie had sold his first business on the Shopify Exchange but had accidentally stated that the store was non-exclusive. 

“When I made the sale, I contacted the buyer as I thought they’d not seen the mistake. However, the buyer stated that they were happy to buy the business as a duplicate, meaning I was able to sell the same business multiple times. Startup Streams was born!” Eddie added. 

Eddie was able to travel back out to Bali within 60 days of launching Startup Streams due to its success and a few months later hired Nadya and four of her friends who were graphic designers and developers but had lost their jobs because of the pandemic. 

Startup Streams expanded to sell on the Flippa marketplace, ranked as ‘Super Seller’, and Fiverr Pro before several important pivots in their business model before re-launching in 2021.

“My first customer messaged me a year after they had purchased from me and said that their store was still going strong, even though I had sold a few of the same business since, as it was making $700+ each month which was fantastic to hear” Eddie continued.

As of January 2022, Startup Streams offer over 100 pre-made businesses for sale and has helped over 1000 entrepreneurs get into business, or start a side hustle, and continues to do so today.

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