Popular German face mask brand miamasuku® is now ready to ship to the UK

As demand wanes in Central Europe, miamasuku® face masks are prepped to go to UK citizens in need of stylish, pandemic-fighting face-coverings

LONDON, UK; 15 June 2020 – With the announcement on 4 June 2020 by the UK government, that face coverings will now be mandatory on public transport beginning 15 June, it’s become clear that most people will now require a quality, reausable face mask for day to day activities. With this in mind, popular German face mask brand miamasuku® announced it is ready to ship its current collection of cotton face masks to UK customers.

miamasuku® have become a popular brand choice for people all over Europe, with stylish designs designed for a perfect fit and unmatched breathing comfort. Every miamasuku® Face Mask is made from 100 percent cotton fabrics, certified by the OEKO-TEX®-100-Standard – which is one of the world’s best-known labels for textiles tested for harmful substances.

miamasuku® Face Masks are all hand-sewn by quality clothing manufacturers in Europe and customers can choose from either elastic straps, for attachment behind ears, or non-elastic for attachment behind head and neck. Elastic straps are made to fit various facial dimensions and all masks in the range are washable and reusable.

“We at miamasuku® had already ramped up production in rapid response to the face mask requirement in Germany as early as March 2020,” says Dr. Andreas Kessell “While the UK mandatory mask requirement has come somewhat later than many other European countries, the good news is that manufacturers across Europe have already stocked up and the UK customers will have an unmatched choice of professionally produced and European-fabricated styles and materials, which may help to ease their way into this new legal requirement. we look forward to helping UK citizens into compliance with our stylish, comfortable and quality face coverings.”

Scientists have recently published strong evidence for the viability of wearing cotton face masks to slow down the spread of COVID-19. In a May 2020 publication of Science, authors concluded that masks and testing are necessary to combat asymptomatic spread in aerosols and droplets. In a New England Journal of Medicine article also dated May 2020, the authors demonstrate the positive effect of cotton masks on droplet emission during speech. Scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, USA in a March publication in JAMA, demonstrated the expansion of a 6 – 8m aerosol cloud from coughing without wearing a mask. Evidence like this has led WHO to now officially recommend the public use of face masks for control of COVID-19 as of early June 2020.

Now that demand is past peek in Central Europe, miamasuku® face masks are ready to go to UK citizens in need of stylish, pandemic-fighting face-coverings.

miamasuku® will be offering free shipping for orders exceeding 70 GBP – the average family shopping cart size. Place orders at https://www.miamasuku.com/

About miamasuku®
miamasuku®  stands for Solidarity & Style, 100% Quality, and Perfect fit. We take a sustainable approach. With a face mask from miamasuku®, everyone can do good and look good at the same time. Our miamasuku® product developers pay attention to the perfect fit and style. miamasuku® masks are manufactured by quality companies in Europe. miamasuku® is a registered textile brand and our products are manufactured and tested according to strict quality standards. We specify our developed patterns, sewing methods, materials, and fabrics – every miamasuku® mask feels and fits equally well. miamasuku® thinks that wearing cotton masks is more sustainable because it saves the environment and resources.

Website for UK orders: https://www.miamasuku.com/

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