Travel To Las Vegas Causing Re-Opening Divide

For many of us, the thought of travel still may seem a long way off as fears over the coronavirus continue to remain in place for many – even more so the thought of travelling to a crowded building with thousands of strangers seems even more daunting, but that’s what many have done with the reopening of Las Vegas casinos and hotels, but it has caused some divide amongst onlookers seeing what is going on.

For these locations to reopen the mandate had only been for employees to wear masks, guests weren’t required to wear any protection and social distancing didn’t seem to be too big a concern – the first who were to visit Vegas were already considered to be the more risk averse crowd as it’s hard to imagine anyone who had been genuinely concerned about the impact of the pandemic would be amongst the first to visit, but this could spell bad news for sin city.

A recent video had been posted of a walkthrough of one of the casinos that had reopened and it shows some very stark footage of what is currently happening – no dividers on tables to separate players, no social distancing to be seen, and only a few masks on guests with employees being required to wear them, despite all expert advice on safety guidelines, this video shows a group of people that seem to be lost in time – the time before the pandemic gripped. This has caused some division amongst travellers – whilst many would love to get a summer holiday in this year as many start to allow international travel once again, if these scenes are anything  to judge by then it appears as if the risk goes way up – especially if you’re already concerned about what is currently happening  then  this footage may seem very unsettling.

Fortunately, not everywhere will be like this – there are many that are looking to open their borders with all the safety protocols in place to ensure that a second wave of infection doesn’t spread – if you’re currently still at home but wish you were in Vegas there are still plenty of options available to you, there are a whole host of new services popping up daily as this review of Better Dice Casino shows some of what is on offer – the benefit here is that  you don’t have to be around a large group of people to play.

Now there may be nothing to fear, and videos such as shown above could just be alarmist, but we’ve already seen just how quickly the virus can spread and how quickly it can cause large scale disruption around the world – looking at images could cause many to believe that Vegas is now a ticking clock, just waiting for the first cases to emerge once again – there are many visiting just to have a good time and to get out after two or three months of lockdown, but there’s a big divide on whether or not this is a safe approach to letting them do so.