Google Pay Expanding into Crypto as Terra Boast 13,075% Gains Since 2021 & HUH Predicted to Surpass 1000%

Crypto and NFTs are all the rage now, as demonstrated by major firms attempting to access the virtual markets, predominantly via partnerships and acquisitions. However, Google Pay, who are equally as eager to get into the fad, have adopted a different approach by hiring former PayPal executive, Arnold Goldberg.

The Senior Product and Technology Executive announced via LinkedIn yesterday that he will be joining Google as the GM for Payments and Next Billion Users. “Everyone I’ve talked to during the process has such a passion for what they do and the positive impact we collectively can have globally,” Goldberg wrote, “I am very excited to work with the team at Google in its mission to support a global, open payments ecosystem and drive economic opportunity for everyone.”

It comes as no surprise that Google, alongside other corporate giants, are competing in the crypto race. Following crypto bubbles throughout the years, crypto trading and investing have soared in popularity as streams of passive income. Two thirds of Gen Z believe that investing in crypto will make them millionaires, hence the fintech sector rushing to accommodate them. And recent data reveals that they’re not far off.

Had you invested $1000 in Shiba Inu on January 1st 2021, today you’d be a multi-millionaire with a whopping $440,519,480.52 in your wallet. Likewise, if you decided to put that $1000 in Terra, you’d still experience a 13,075% return, bringing your total to $131,753.85. And say you’d gone for Solana instead, you’d have $112,625 – that’s still an immense 11,163% return. So, what would you be spending your wealth on? A car, or perhaps towards that dream house you’d always longed for?

You strike gold when you invest in a new altcoin that ends up exploding later on. Crypto experts and business magnates have been pumping out their 2022 predictions for which altcoin is going to hit the jackpot this year.

Two recurring suggestions have been Cosmos and HUH Token. Cosmos’ goal is to make decentralised apps — anything from NFT markets to decentralised exchanges — quicker and cheaper by allowing them to run on their own dedicated blockchains. Over 250 apps and services are already running on the Cosmos network, which manages over $112 billion in digital assets. Furthermore, the DEX ecosystem within Cosmos is currently expanding at a rapid rate. There is currently access to a number of new and promising tokens, permissionless token listings, possibilities to earn a greater ROI by participating in liquidity pools, and increased liquidity for smooth trading and price stability.

HUH Token is a newcomer to the market, having debuted on December 6th on PancakeSwap. It soared by over 1000% in 48 hours, reaching a high of over 4000% above its initial price. Due to its rapid price jump, HUH was included on the major price aggregate platforms, CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko. Following this listing, on December 14th, HUH again surged by more than 100%.

HUH is striving to hit gold, as long-term holding is a crucial aspect of its plan. HUH takes the virality of a meme coin while maintaining utility and useability for its holders. HUH accomplishes this by redistributing a little portion of each transaction to its community. HUH has the adaptability to blend in with the metaverse, with plans to drop a NFT presale on January 31st and launch a social platform, where “everybody gains from the data they generate”. With high aspirations and a stable model, HUH might just strike gold.


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