Soul App: Gen Z’s New Favorite ‘Soul’cial Application

Soul App, as one of the technology innovation leaders in Beyond EXPO, creates a social metaverse for Generation Z to attract the world’s attention.

 The cutting-edge technology brought by Soul App was introduced during the event by the Head of Global Products, Rita Yu. After explaining the social behavior of Generation Z, she laid out some observations and timely insights on how Soul App is remarkably positioned to meet the growing social needs of the younger generations. The application is readily available in 10 languages, ready to cater to 20+ countries/regions across the globe. Its primary goal is to address the social anxiety issues that affect a huge amount of people, particularly Gen Z. In fact, a recent study from the American Psychological Association has shown that 70% of teens and adolescents across all diverse backgrounds are experiencing social anxiety.

Soul App is also committed to providing unparalleled connections across a different variety of social scenarios to meet the needs of its users. Upon downloading the app. users will be prompted to answer a short quiz called “soul mode” in order to assess their individual characteristics and communication style. Like its name suggested. Soul App will generate a pool of users who can communicate freely until one can finally create a mutual “moment” and find their perfect match, called “soulmate”.

What helped Soul App make its Metaverse to reality all comes down to the user needs, says Rita when asked about the influence of Gen Z’s tendencies and behavioral patterns on building Metaverse during an interview with the China Global TV Network (CGTN). Since day 1. Soul has remained consistent with its mission to encourage young people to show their true personalities and to speak their thoughts freely, without any fear of judgment. In order to make this happen, the founders of Soul have created a distinguishable design by reimagining the way young people connect in this fast-paced and modern world.

These efforts helped the application to increase its penetration rate and appeal to the younger generations. This statement is backed by recent statistics that reveal 70% of our 34 million monthly avid users are part of Gen Z. Aside from its mission to build a Soul Metaverse that is targeted to younger users. Soul has continued to innovate by welcoming new partners to explore more technological innovation and is introducing fresh social scenarios to improve the app’s overall user experience.

About The Soul App

Soul App is a leading algorithm-based virtual social playground that allows its users to find new people from different backgrounds. This app serves as a safe platform for the users, or also known as ‘soulers’ to make new friends and maintain judgment-free connections with each other.

Soul’s continuous efforts are driven by its mission to create a ‘soul’cial metaverse targeted towards the younger age groups. Through its well­ thought and immersive design. Soul has become home to a world of diverse people-who are all willing to express their true, authentic selves and get inspired by others. The possibilities with Soul are endless, as it holds a tight-knit community comprising 34 million monthly avid users and robust commercial value that encourages Soul’s strong user growth.

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