TYSR announces UK launch of Cut Throat Club, as male grooming industry booms

Established UK ecommerce business TYSR Ltd has announced its latest venture:  specialist online razor service Cut Throat Club. TYSR has launched Cut Throat Club in the midst of a major boom in the men’s grooming industry. 
Established UK ecommerce business TYSR Ltd has announced its latest venture:  the firm has acquired Cut Throat Club, an Australian business that brings traditional shaving to contemporary audiences. TYSR has now launched Cut Throat Club in the UK, capitalising on the booming men’s grooming industry. 
Cut Throat Club was established to promote quality razors and traditional shaving products, giving men the choice to move away from disposable plastic razors and the inferior shave quality they produce. The firm provides cut throat razors, shavettes and double edge razors, along with strops, brushes, shaving soap and accessories. Cut Throat Club also provides a wealth of information on how to achieve the perfect shaving experience. 
“We were immediately drawn to Cut Throat Club’s commitment to educating and supporting men to enjoy a higher quality shave – it was about much more than just selling products,” recalls TYSR Director Tom Yates. “With an ecommerce infrastructure already established here in the UK, we knew we could quickly and seamlessly bring the company’s high end grooming products to a new audience.”
Cut Throat Club’s UK launch comes at a time when the male grooming industry is growing rapidly around the world. Globally, the value of the wet shave market is projected to increase at a CAGR of 9.5% from 2019 to 2025, according to Grand View Research. In the UK, data specialists NDP report that the male grooming industry is worth more than £500 million. But market research firm Mintel has claimed that there is still major underrepresentation of male beauty by retailers – hence a large cohort of men searching online for services such as Cut Throat Club. 
“Ecommerce solutions are meeting a need in the male grooming industry that isn’t being sufficiently met by retailers,” comments Yates. “With Cut Throat Club, we’re providing men across the UK with access to high end shaving products, along with advice on how to use them. Buying online means being able to shop at your leisure and to thoroughly research the goods you purchase. All of our products have been extensively vetted and curated in line with our quality standards. We’re giving men a better choice when it comes to their shaving experience.”
Cut Throat Club taps into the trend for more eco-friendly products while also providing men with the opportunity to enjoy a barbershop-quality grooming experience at home. With Covid an ever-present consideration, it’s yet another plus for the ecommerce model. Customers can buy individual products or opt for one of a range of kits, each of which has been carefully compiled to deliver a superior shave. There’s also a sharpening service for those who don’t have the time or inclination to learn how to hone their own blade. 
“We’re delighted to be launching Cut Throat Club to the UK,” concludes Yates. “It’s the ideal ecommerce brand to tap into a multitude of trends, all of which are projected to grow over the coming years. The potential for growth is very exciting.”

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