8 Medical Tests You Can do From Home

Medical testing has improved dramatically over the years. Where many tests used to require weeks to wait for the results, you can get some results instantly or in a very short amount of time. This improves the standard of care that people can receive and can help them find the right health products. Instead of waiting for tests to be ordered, individuals can take more responsibility for their health. Home medical tests are not only affordable, they are often easy to use and provide accurate results when used correctly.

Food Allergy Tests

If you suspect food allergies, it can be a hassle to go to the doctor, get a referral, wait for an appointment, and all the issues that come with it. Instead, why not start with a home allergy test? You can see within a short amount of time if you have allergies to specific foods. Then if you need more help or medical care, you can get an appointment with a specialist to determine how to eliminate certain foods without getting any nutrient deficiencies.

Colon Cancer Screening

There are less invasive screening options that you can start with. You don’t need to jump right to a colonoscopy if you suspect colon cancer. In fact, a FIT test can screen you for colon cancer much more easily and from the privacy of your home. You no longer need to worry about whether your bowel issues are something more dangerous, you can find out for yourself.

Genetic Testing

Do you remember 30 years ago when the idea of genetic testing was still in the early stages of development? People wanted to learn if they were at risk of cancer and genetic diseases that could cause malformations in their children. Parents wanted to know if they carried genes that would put their children at risk of sickness later in life. Genetic testing has come a long way since then. Not only is it possible to get tested for a variety of genes, but it’s also possible to do it affordably and from home.

You’ll discover that at-home medical tests can give you a lot of information about your genetic heritage. Additionally, this type of testing is helpful for people who don’t know much about their family medical history and who want to learn more.  

Glucose Screening

Testing your glucose levels is easier than ever before. You can now easily buy glucose monitoring supplies from the local drug store so that you never have to wonder what your levels are like. This makes it simple to track how you respond to sugars and whether your levels are consistently high and need intervention.

Strep Testing

Do you remember the days when you needed to go to the doctor when you had a sore throat to ensure you didn’t have strep? Well, those days are gone. Now you can easily test at home. This makes it easier and more affordable. If it’s not strep, you may not even need a visit to the doctor. Additionally, these tests can be used to help telemedicine doctors better diagnose and treat ailments. If the test is positive, they can send in a prescription for antibiotics without you needing to step into a doctor’s office. This also means that you could have that same medicine delivered to your door through some pharmacies.

At-Home HIV Tests

Sexual health is important to consider. If you’ve been exposed to someone who may have been carrying HIV or another ailment, you can now take this testing into your own hands. From the privacy of your home and without the prying eyes of your insurance company, at-home HIV tests are the perfect solution to help you discover what’s going on.

Urinary Tract Testing

Got a burning sensation? Or maybe pain in your kidney areas? Then you might have a urinary tract infection. For people who are especially prone to them, at-home testing can be a great option because of its affordability and ease of use.

Hormone Testing

Women are used to using at-home pregnancy tests to determine if they are going to have a baby or not. They can also use similar tests to determine fertility and ovulation windows. Other at-home hormone tests include thyroid testing, stress tests, and even tests to determine why you’re having a hard time falling asleep.